The Uniqlo store at South Coast Plaza features a special store window for the retailer's collaboration with Disney.

Thallia Orange


NY Fashion Week S15: Skingraft NY FASHION WEEK S15: SKINGRAFT

NY Fashion Week S15: Mark and Estel NY FASHION WEEK S15: MARK AND ESTEL

NY Fashion Week S15: Academy of Art University NY FASHION WEEK S15: ACADEMY OF ART UNIVERSITY

Miami Swim Week Cruise '15: Sinesia Karol MIAMI SWIM WEEK CRUISE '15: SINESIA KAROL

Miami Swim Week Cruise '15: Caffé MIAMI SWIM WEEK CRUISE '15: CAFFÉ

Miami Swim Week Cruise '15: Liliana Montoya MIAMI SWIM WEEK CRUISE '15: LILIANA MONTOYA

Miami Swim Week Cruise '15: A.Z. Araujo MIAMI SWIM WEEK CRUISE '15: A.Z. ARAUJO

Miami Swim Week Cruise '15: Toxic Sadie MIAMI SWIM WEEK CRUISE '15: TOXIC SADIE

Miami Swim Week Cruise '15: Belusso MIAMI SWIM WEEK CRUISE '15: BELUSSO

Miami Swim Week Cruise '15: Aguaclara MIAMI SWIM WEEK CRUISE '15: AGUACLARA

Miami Swim Week Cruise '15: Aquarella MIAMI SWIM WEEK CRUISE '15: AQUARELLA

Miami Swim Week Cruise '15: Mia Marcelle MIAMI SWIM WEEK CRUISE '15: MIA MARCELLE



Kitson to Open New Stores

After opening a 15,000-square-foot Las Vegas emporium on March 28, Los Angeles–headquartered boutique chain Kitson is on the move again.


Shawmut Wraps Up Rodeo Projects With Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent, Gucci

Boston-headquartered construction company Shawmut Design and Construction has worked on many projects on iconic shopping street Rodeo Drive over the ...


Thomas Announces Plans to Re-merchandise Wet Seal

A week after juniors retailer Wet Seal Inc. announced that Ed Thomas would return as its chief executive officer, Thomas ...


The Hundreds Gets Huger

The Hundreds’ 400-square-foot boutique was closed for renovations and expansion, said Bobby Kim, a co-founder of the popular brand. It ...


West Hollywood’s Fur Ban to Be Changed

The city of West Hollywood, Calif., passed the first municipal fur ban in the United States in 2013, and since ...


Infor to Host ‘Meet-n-Learn’ at the CMC

Apparel technology solutions provider Infor will host “Infor Fashion Meet-n-Learn” on Oct. 15 at the California Market Center in Los ...