OLD REDONDO: The Redondo Beach pier sign. The city is currently discussing a $300 million redevelopment of the pier.

Dean (left) and Dan Caten

THE DEBUT: Opening-night party at COS in Beverly Hills

White Crow


Ruffian Spring 2015 Runway Show RUFFIAN SPRING 2015 RUNWAY SHOW

Clubwear Spring 2015 Runway Show CLUBWEAR SPRING 2015 RUNWAY SHOW

Altaf Maaneshia Spring 2015 Runway Show ALTAF MAANESHIA SPRING 2015 RUNWAY SHOW

Nicole Lee Spring 2015 Runway Show NICOLE LEE SPRING 2015 RUNWAY SHOW

XCVI Spring 2015 Runway Show XCVI SPRING 2015 RUNWAY SHOW

Walter Mendez Spring 2015 Runway Show WALTER MENDEZ SPRING 2015 RUNWAY SHOW

Liberty Garden Spring 2015 Runway Show LIBERTY GARDEN SPRING 2015 RUNWAY SHOW

Dolcessa Spring 2015 Runway Show DOLCESSA SPRING 2015 RUNWAY SHOW

Pedram Couture Spring 2015 Runway Show PEDRAM COUTURE SPRING 2015 RUNWAY SHOW

Alexis Monsanto Spring 2015 Runway Show ALEXIS MONSANTO SPRING 2015 RUNWAY SHOW

Skintone Spring 2015 Runway Show SKINTONE SPRING 2015 RUNWAY SHOW

Quynh Paris Spring 2015 Runway Show QUYNH PARIS SPRING 2015 RUNWAY SHOW



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