Findings & Trimmings

  • American Accessories and Trims

    We have been in business for more than 20 years, located in the L.A. garment district the entire time. While we primarily deal in wholesale, we offer sample quantities and even our wholesale quantities often make sense for customers from students to small labels to the biggest labels. We manufacture and sell Accessories, Findings and Trimmings, Ribbons, Elastics, Lace, Hardware, Rhinestones and much more. Our website is still developing but our showroom and warehouse is open to the public.

  • 3A Products of America

    3A Products of America is a symbol of quality, serving you since 1975.

  • Dara Inc.

    Established in August of 1984, Dara Inc. is a credible distributor of the highest quality trims, threads, notions, beauty & nail art materials, as well as arts & crafts products; known to Apparel, Arts & Crafts and Beauty Industries. With over 30 years of the highest quality of service, Dara Inc. has positioned itself as one of the industry’s top leaders throughout Southern California as well as received significant national and international recognition of excellence. Our most valuable asset is the ease of doing business due to our huge array of products, making it a “one-stop-shop” for all of our clientele’s needs.

  • Emsig Manufacturing

    Emsig Manufacturing, a button-manufacturing company, is managed by third- and fourth-generation family members and through all the years of innovation and expansion since 1928. Some of the company's recent innovations include the Bio-Tech Melamine product, which restricts the growth of viral and bacterial organisms, as well as introducing the first 100 percent recycled button (Melamine) made from recycled factory materials. Our Melamine buttons are made in our USA factory. We also make polyester, metal and eco-friendly buttons in our China and India factories.

  • John F. Allen & Son, Inc.

    Founded in 1889, John F. Allen & Son, Inc. is a fourth-generation family importer and wholesale distributor of the world’s finest rhinestones, trim, beads, findings, and genuine stone serving the textile, jewelry, and craft industries.

  • Jerian Plastics Inc.

    JERIAN Plastics inc. is a premium hanger manufacturer with a complete collection of more than 500 different stock-item styles. Specialized in development of full custom design solutions, JERIAN also offers low minimums on its domestic service of personalized hangers. JERIAN hangers proudly serves designers, fashion brands, students, architect firms, hotels, retailers, boutiques and other clients accross North America.

  • J.N. Zipper & Supplies Corp.

    Founded in America in 1990, J.N. Zippers & Supplies Corporation serves the industry with a California-based corporate office and warehouse with China factory customization for garment, bag, and accessory manufacturers worldwide. Quick sampling from our warehouse stock of high-quality zippers, pulls and hardware that are ITS, SGS, Oeko-Tex, ISO9001:2000 safety-tested and standards-compliant. Our zipper specialists are ready to assist you with choosing the best zipper configuration suited to your product. We offer private branding on pulls, hardware, and labels. Our warehouse also stocks elastics, tapes, cords, labels, and workroom supplies for spot delivery. Turn to the experts at J.N. Zippers & Supplies Corp. and the in-stock division of ZPRZ Company to provide you with the best combination of quality, price, and service.

  • Kagan Trim Center

    Has been in business for over 50 years specializing in the design, warehousing and distribution of adornments and embellishments for the apparel industry.

  • Komar Apparel Supply Company

    Garment construction products ranging from fusibles, threads, cutting room and packaging supplies.

  • QST

    A large selection of apparel components in stock including piece goods, elastics, interlinings, pocketing, etc. from offices in Los Angeles, Northern California and Dallas.

  • Salmi Zips

    A worldwide supplier of zippers.

  • Target Trim Corp.

    Target Trim Corp. has a wide variety of trimmings and other fashion/garment accessories. We are a wholesale and retail store, and custom-made orders are welcome, too. Only a unique style of merchandise and good-quality customer service is in store for you.

  • Veteran Leather

    A manufacturer of leather trimmings, including leather patches for some of the largest designer jeans, high-frequency welded appliques for t-shirts and sweats and all other types of leather and synthetic leather for apparel.

  • YKK Zipper

    A worldwide manufacturer, supplier and innovator for zippers; introducing a new water-repellent line this year.

  • The Button/Accessory 

    tb/ac inc has proudly supplied a wide variety of branded (and non-branded) trims and accessories to premium fashion brands for 30 years. Their growth in products, services, and resources has scaled with the success and necessary demands of customers.