Freight & Shipping

  • DHL Worldwide Express

    A truly international air courier service which will soon be launching a direct browser-enabled shipping system.

  • Federal Express

    Anything everywhere; complete online tracking.

  • Hassett Air Freight

    A very cost effective system for bulk shipments; trade show specialists... your stuff to your booth.

  • Hong Kong Shippers Council

    Organizations site with info. and links to major shippers/freight forwarders to/from the Far East.

  • MOL (America) Inc.

    As one of the world's leading providers of ocean liner and logistics services, MOL has the flexibility to respond quickly to global market forces, giving customers the power to maintain the production and delivery schedules of their increasingly complex, multi-sourced supply chains.

  • Roadway Express

    A complete ground cargo service with advanced web-enabled features including tracking, routing and EZrate.

  • United Parcel Service

    Low cost shipping worldwide on small to medium shipments with the most advanced tracking capability direct to all online.

  • United States Postal Service

    Now offering a complete global delivery service online with rate calculator, tracking, etc.