Katie Kay's New Store

Katie Kay Seemed like yesterday when former Skingraft designer Katie Kay opened her first boutique, called Gather, in downtown Los Angeles (actually the downtown debut was August.) Now she’s opening a second Gather location, but this one is in Los Angeles’ Silver Lake neighborhood, at 2439 Riverside Drive in the venerable, hipster district.

The mission of the new space is not entirely retail. There are three private studios upstairs from the boutique’s 600-square-foot selling space. They’re reserved for the artisans and craftspeople that provide the unique goods at Gather. For fashion, there are Los Angeles brands Ai for Ai, Kucoon, Linden and Shelley Caudill.

Then there’s everything else in the store, ranging from jewelry, art, homemade furniture to taxidermy animals. Sound eclectic? It’s the reason why Kay called her project Gather. Oh yeah, along with designing clothes, running the Gather boutiques, Kay also runs the Gather showroom. It represents the shop’s artists and designers to the wholesale crowd. I’m getting exhausted just thinking about all of that work.

Kay is producing a debut party at Gather in Silver Lake from 8PM to 11PM April 8. For more information, call 213-538-2662 or email katie@gatherla.com