The New Window Shopping

For all those with a shopping addiction, hunting down the latest fashion finds has just been made a little bit easier.

A new mobile app called Snapette lets users digitally browse products near their current location from their phone. It also allows them to see what styles are in nearby stores and what’s trending around the world as people share their favorite stores. Photos and descriptions are uploaded by shoppers and then are made searchable by brand, store or description and put into categories like “New,” “Near,” or “Hot.”

“While you're out shopping, you can snap and share photos of your great shoe and bag finds, check Snapette to discover what styles are in stores near you, and also see what's trending right now in New York, Paris, Tokyo, or anywhere around the world – it's like window shopping right from your phone,” co-founder Jinhee Kim said.

Each user has a “virtual closet” that showcases photos of items they've snapped, liked and wanted, and users can follow one another to stay updated on fashion finds or share them via Facebook and Tumblr.

"Plus, if you find another Snapette with great style you can follow’ her and get updated on all her latest fashion finds,” Kim said.

Snapette also showcases boutiques in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and London and has partnered with select retailers to provide special product offers.

“We know options can be overwhelming,” said Sarah Paiji, the second half of the founding duo. “Snapette helps make sense of the endless options by helping you find what's near you and what's trending.”