ScreenSHOP Launches New E-commerce Entertainment Site

Hollywood-based ScreenSHOP is combining celebrity fandom with the love of shopping for the launch of their new e-commerce site on Oct. 21, as part of L.A. Fashion Weekend at Sunset Gower Studios.

The e-commerce retailer is unveiling a new social retail website targeted toward movie, music, fashion and gaming fans, where they are allowed to shop for items found on their favorite shows and celebrities.

“It’s very exciting. What we’re doing is creating a new e-commerce site in the vein of fan identity and social retailing and providing an ultimate catalog for everything you see on screen,” Erika Smith, president and chief executive officer of ScreenSHOP, said.

Fans can log on to the ScreenSHOP website and select their favorite shows, then shop the clothes worn by the characters in each movie or television episode.

“It’s a unique social retailing model that is really across demand and passion,” Smith said. “Say you see something on ’True Blood’ that you really want. Today, the audiences are forced to recall what they see on screen, but we’re offering the one go-to source to get that item for everything they see on screen. You will see all the cast and all their looks and the screenshot of that last episode. hellip; They see it, click it and own it.”

In addition to digital shopping, the site will also feature daily news, with the No. 1 movie of the week, the top television show and the most talked-about celebrity.

“It’s really resourcing that fan identity,” Smith said. “If you relate to a show that’s your favorite, you relate to that image and identity that you enjoy.”

The site will also collaborate with fashion designers such as Anthony Franco, the kickoff designer for ScreenSHOP. Before Franco’s runway show at L.A. Fashion Weekend on Oct. 21, celebrities will walk the red carpet wearing his designs and be photographed for the site. Users can then purchase pieces from his collection online.

There will also be an interactive touchbar at the event, with iPads for guests to experiment with the site, and a fund-raiser to support Susan G. Komen for the Cure Los Angeles County.

For each 10 celebrities that attend the event, ScreenSHOP is donating $10,000 to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure cause.—D.C.