Lenzing Introduces Modal Edelweiss Fiber

Austrian fiber maker Lenzing has a new twist on its Modal fiber—an integrated supply chain and an eco-friendly chemical process derived from oxygen.

Lenzing Modal Edelweiss performs exactly like Lenzing’s Modal fiber and features the same softness and color brilliance as Modal.

“The fiber-manufacturing plant in Lenzing, Austria, is the only one in the world which is fully integrated and has all of the production steps, from the pulp to the fiber, perfectly under control,” said Lenzing global marketing director Andreas Dorner. “Throughout the entire process, attention can be paid to environmental protection. The Edelweiss technology is based on a chemical process derived from oxygen, which is more eco-friendly than previous ones. Thus, Lenzing Modal Edelweiss is the only Modal fiber which satisfies the highest possible environmental standards.”

Initially, Edelweiss will be produced in limited quantities “for customers with special ecological requirements,” according to the company.

Lenzing Modal Edelweiss is made from Austrian beechwood trees, which grow on marginal land and require no irrigation, fertilizers or pesticides, according to the company. In addition, beechwood trees are cultivated using rejuvenation, or pruning, so there is no need to reforest beechwood plantations, according to Lenzing.

More than half of the wood used at Lenzing’s facility in Austria comes from within the country, with the remaining coming from neighboring countries. According to the company, Lenzing only uses beechwood from forests “managed in compliance with sustainable-forestry legislation.”

In addition, energy-conserving, carbon-neutral thermal processing techniques at the Lenzing pulp factory have made the facility a net-positive energy producer, supplying surplus energy to the entire Lenzing site.

For more information about Lenzing’s Modal Edelweiss or other Lenzing products, visit www.lenzing.com.Alison A. Nieder