Betsee Isenberg’s new office has a window that perfectly frames the sign on the top of the historic Orpheum Theatre.

“I have a window for the first time in 10 years,” said Isenberg, the owner of the 10Eleven showroom in The New Mart.

Isenberg is hoping renovations will be complete in her new space by the opening of Los Angeles Fashion Market on Aug. 5.

The renovations include the addition of a dramatic new staircase and an office suite on a 3,000-square-foot mezzanine perched above the 14,500-square-foot space that houses the 10Eleven showroom and Hatch, the showroom Isenberg co-owns with Kay Sides.

Previously, the mezzanine space housed some of Isenberg’s higher-end lines that wanted a more-exclusive venue, which was accessible only by a private elevator. But, “times change,” Isenberg said, and her mezzanine brands now want to be on the main floor of the showroom. “Everyone wanted to be part of the action,” she said.

So, Isenberg renovated the mezzanine into a series of offices and workspace and added the staircase. 10Eleven’s 30 employees moved upstairs while Hatch’s staff will remain on the ground floor.

The renovation also opens up space on the ground floor, which currently houses 10Eleven’s brands: ALC, Current/Elliot, Diane von Furstenberg, Equipment, Haute Hippie, Joie, Skaist-Taylor and Vince.

“I wanted more space in the showroom to take on more projects,” Isenberg said. “If I want to grow, there is no more space in this building.”

Isenberg moved into The New Mart’s ground-floor space in 2003 after more than a decade in the building. The corner space was previously a Manufacturers Bank. The old bank vault is used to showcase Hatch’s jewelry lines. 10Eleven also maintains showroom space in New York and Dallas.