Lectra Re-releases Design to Cost

Technology solution–based company Lectra announced its revamped “Design to Cost” approach to product development. Design to Cost combines design, product development and marker-making solutions, allowing companies to analyze the cost of final garments. Material usage can up the cost of a garment with the production phase being the most crucial and time consuming. Companies need to “manage material usage effectively in order to preserve and increase their margins,” according to Anastasia Charbin, director, marketing fashion, for Lectra.

The company said the holistic design approach will help the material-consumption process run more fluidly and be streamlined before production commitments are made.

An integral part of Lectra’s Design to Cost is the new pre-costing and marker-making solution Diamino V6. The visual fabric layout is useful for companies that work with engineered prints and intricate fabrics.

Users can import sketches, graphics or fabrics to evaluate before fabric is ordered, printed or cut. “I can see exactly where the markers are going to fall on the print. If it doesn’t work out, I can make my recommendations to the print department before the screen is sent out and costs are committed to,” said Alex Canoro, head of marker making at New York–based dress company Maggy London, in a Lectra statement.

“We now better control material consumption and cost and have improved our ability to foresee problems,” said Davide Lunardon, CAD manager for Staff International, which is part of OTB, the holding company that also owns Diesel, Maison Martin Margiela and Viktor & Rolf.

Lectra produces equipment and software for industries using soft materials such as fabrics, leather, technical textiles and composite materials. For more information, visit