TSS Showroom

TSS Showroom


TSS Showroom

  • Cooper Design Space
  • Suite 1000
  • (213) 489-9703

TSS Showroom, also known as Terry Sahagen Sales, was moved to the Cooper Design Space in 2008. The expansive, white-walled showroom runs about 7,000 square feet, housing domestic and international contemporary and designer brands. Sahagen, who tapped into showroom ownership in 1985, currently houses nine brands fit for the consumer who loves fashion but has an elevated taste level for quality clothing.

“My brands don’t compete; they hang together,” Sahagen said. A couple of tiers, ranging in price points and style, hang side by side. Brands include Milly, basedin New York; Loma,a sweater line from London; Bailey 44, a hot commodity for TSS; Brochu Walker, newest to the showroom; Tracey Reese, which they’ve carried since its conception; Weston Wear,a novelty-item line; Whetherly knit brand; Ella Moss; and Shy by Sydney Evan, an accessories brand.

“My whole goal since I opened my showroom in 1985 was to make sure a buyer can come in, spend the day here, and fill up their store and leave,” Sahagen said.

Major retailers such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom,as well as specialty stores Ron Herman and The Grocery Store,areregular buyers.

With two showrooms, one in Los Angeles and another in Dallas, Sahagen is celebrating her third opening in New York shortly. “We are going a bit tighter on the brands we are carrying [there] and doing it more narrow and deep. We have a great space, though, and everything fell together within a two- or three-month period,” Sahagen said.

TSS’s newest line is Brochu Walker, founded by fashion veterans Karine Dubner, who worked for companies such as Equipment and Current/Elliot, and Lisa Brochu, former design director for Joie. The collection includes cashmere, cotton linen blends, knits and silk fabrications with tops, bottoms and sweaters, some with zip-side details and leather embellishments.

“Customers are really dedicated to the line and have a big following,” said TSS sales representative Effie Valsamis. “We are excited about carrying the brand and so are our [customers,] who are big on re-orders.”

Sahagen called Brochu Walker a “breakout brand.” The line was in a European showroom that finished the season for European deliveries.

“It wasn’t getting expanded as an American brand enough,” Sahagen said. “So it was decided to be placed in a domestic showroom where it could grow in a proper way without over-saturating [the market].”

Wholesale price points for the brands range from $50 to $55 on the lower end to $200 to $300 on the higher end.