Burning Man statue. Courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

Burning Man statue. Courtesy Wikimedia Commons.


Fashions for Burning Man

Expect the biggest Burning Man in the outlaw festival’s more than 20-year history when it runs on Aug. 26 to Sept. 2. More than 60,000-people are expected to truck out to Northern Nevada for this festival/hajj/freakout of alternative culture. With this many people involved, is there any question that this festival inspired its own fashion style?

And what is the Burning Man look? An apocalyptic Coachella? A whimsical Mad Max? Los Angeles designers hope to define it with a Pre-Burn festival on 2 to 10 PM Aug. 10 at the Gita Salem boutique at 7414 Melrose Ave in Hollywood.

Burning Man friendly designers exhibiting at this industrial trunk show will be Gita Salem, Lou Guerin, Marcello Pequeno, Glass Magpie, Jan Hilmer and Sparrow, Momo Mercurious, Opulent Antiquity, Clade Man, Ritual, Truth Republic, Catoure and A Tear and A Smile Designs. Just to make this fashionable end- of- days easy on the tummy, there will be a chocolate bar and snacks too…