The Disney Villain shoe

The Disney Villain shoe

Curious About the Top Footwear Trends?

No outfit is complete without a pair of snappy heels or trendy boots.

With the various shoe shows popping up around the country, there are several trends that are front and center for women this upcoming Spring season. They are:

Sneakers top the list, coming in every color and print.

Kitten heels are pretty popular and go well with pencil skirts.

Chunky heels are a comfortable alternative to high heels and make a statement.

Men's Oxfords for women are a practical but fashionable solution to staying on firm ground.

Smoking slippers for women will be the go-to shoe for comfort and coolness.

If you want to get a little more daring, there is the sandal boot, bright floor print high-heels and whimsical shoes, like the Disney Villain shoe seen above.