Industrial Revolution to Show at Liberty Fairs

In response to the recent Bangladesh factory collapse, Industrial Revolution II (IRII) is a garment factory obligated to change the approach to manufacturing that is based on responsibility.

Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer Rob Broggi selected Port-au-Prince, Haiti, as IRII’s first location, where the company provides production services for apparel brands, designers and retailers who support its “shared-value” business model.

IRII’s shared-value initiative invests 50 percent of its profits into workers and their families, as well as the local community, through health-and-wellness programs, training, and education.

“It is our mission at IRII to prove that creating social progress and a thriving business need not be mutually exclusive endeavors,” Broggi said.

IRII’s “conscious-manufacturing” model has drawn the support of actor/producer Matt Damon, fashion designer Donna Karan and New York Fashion Week creator Fern Mallis.

On Aug 19–21, IRII will be participating at Liberty trade show, held at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas.

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