Maker’s Row Brings Made in America Concept to Sourcing at MAGIC

Founded late last year in Brooklyn, N.Y., Maker’s Row is a one-stop resource site for entrepreneurs and established brands looking to connect with U.S. factories and suppliers.

Owners Tanya Menendez and Matthew Burnett launched the website last November and already have about 2,000 manufacturers on board with factory hubs in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago.

Currently, Maker’s Row focuses primarily on apparel and accessories, but Menendez and Burnett plan to expand the company’s services in the future. For now, they help designers throughout the manufacturing process, from sourcing materials to patternmaking.

At the upcoming Sourcing at MAGIC show, set for Aug. 18–21 in Las Vegas, the company is expanding beyond the digital environment into the physical.

“We wanted designers to look at manufacturers and see what we offer in person,” Menendez said. The team created a microsite, Maker’s Row Pro, which will provide expertise and guidance in the manufacturing, marketing and public-relations industries. The fee for a 30-minute session is $30.

Maker’s Row MAGIC was also installed, specifically for the Sourcing trade show and potential customers to view textile manufacturers, tanning-leather companies and mills.

“We have had a really great response since we launched, and we are excited to see how the [Sourcing] partnership goes,” Menendez said.

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