Denim Resources

Cotton Incorporated

  • Global Headquarters
  • 6399 Weston Parkway
  • Cary, NC 27513
  • (919) 678-2220
  • Products and Services: Cotton Incorporated is the research and promotion company for cotton and is a trusted global resource for: technical expertise; textile, and agricultural innovations; and a range of market data. An overview of the company and information on the full range of its resources and services can be found at

The Denim Bank

  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Products and Services: The Denim Bank has been offering full-service design to the denim industry domestically and internationally for more than 10 years. Our design team has extensive experience with fits, fabric, sewing, wash development, and branding. We offer services in design, samples, duplicates, pre-production fits, and production. All our goods are made in Los Angeles. We are capable of helping any company that does not have a denim capacity. We can be of assistance to companies that need help with their existing denim departments. We have also been known to work in conjunction with denim departments, handling any and all excess design necessities. Our experience has facilitated work for brands like Levi's, Diesel, Big Star, and many more.

Grace in LA

  • Contact: Juliet Deigert
  • (213) 748-1598
  • Fax: 213-749-6888
  • Products and Services: Grace in LA jeans draw their inspiration from the crystalline vistas of the City of Angels and the eclectic, effortless style of its chic inhabitants. Romantic with an edge, feminine, and strong, Grace in LA jeans feature specialized pocket treatments with intricate embroidered, bejeweled, and metallic motifs. A hint of vintage Wild West meets modern-day "wild west coast." Each pair is carefully crafted for a flawless fusion of silhouette and detailing. The company uses only the finest fabrics, washes, and finishing techniques coupled with rigorous quality control. Grace in LA is known for glove-like fit that is equally comfortable and chic. Contoured waistbands never gap out, and there is always just the right amount of stretch. A variety of denim options include bootcuts, boyfriends, straight legs with rolled cuffs, and stiletto skinnies.


  • (212) 512-9294
  • Products and Services: INVISTA has developed a fresh approach to fashion swimwear based on new consumer insights and technical advantages with XTRA LIFE LYCRA® fiber. Global research commissioned by INVISTA reveals perspectives on consumer priorities when shopping for fashion swimwear and beachwear, as well as behavior patterns and expectations in its use. Reinforced by these new findings, new technical advantages for XTRA LIFE LYCRA® fiber have been demonstrated in the real-life swimwear environment, bringing to life how XTRA LIFE LYCRA® fiber protects from the damaging effects of perspiration, chlorine, sunscreen, or heat. For more information, call or email us.


  • Products and Services: 200 million meters of fabric a year, 300,000 square meters of denim production plant, sales offices in more than 60 countries. iSKO™ today is the the largest denim producer worldwide and the reference Quality Ingredient Brand for fashion players all around the world. In particular, several are the collaborations with important American brands, such as HUDSON for the HUDSON x iSKO™ Freedom of Movement collection and the HUDSON x iSKO™ REFORM collection. For more information, please visit our website or email us.

Laken Kyra

  • 205 S. Broadway, Suite 1008
  • Los Angeles, CA 90012
  • (213) 625-2510
  • Fax: 213-625-2520
  • Products and Services: Young designers create perfect jeans and tops for our body and budget. LAKEN KYRA is a young designers' brand that offers a juniors contemporary line of denim jeans, knit tees, and stylish woven blouses and jackets. It is stylish for a fraction of the cost. Denim jeans, cotton twill jeans, and novelty jeans range from $49 to $89 retail. Tops: from $29 to $49 retail. Ahead of the fashion trend and for the "au courant" woman, the LAKEN KYRA Spring 2014 collection brings out the brightness of the woman. She feels self confident and self assured. The versatility of this season's LAKEN KYRA chic/cool collection allows its woman to be an elegant citizen of the world. LAKEN KYRA Spring 2014 collection puts the perfect harmony of basic yet complex details together, creating an original combination that is the illustration of a woman's feminine strength and in phase with her time. Exciting color palette will make her feel sexy and attractive. She stands out!

People vs. West

  • Products and Services: People vs. West is a Los Angeles–born denim brand. The brand is a collaboration between creative director Marc Bellaich, one of Los Angeles' best denim designers, and Shai Sudry, an industry veteran who was involved for years with the world's best denim brands in private-label distribution and licensing. The concept was to create the best affordable jeans in the market—a jeans that would have all the ingredients of the high-end brands that the two worked with at a much better price to serve a new, emerging type of consumer these days—who shop based on value, not on hype. The result is an amazing collection that uses all the better mills' American fabrics (selvages as well), great selection of high-end washes, and superb fits for women and men. The first USA-made production is already about to ship with wholesale prices that include $44 for the regular wide goods. Selveges will be between $52 for raw goods to $66 for the premium washes. The brand will be presenting at the Liberty trade show in Las Vegas, Booth#524.

Shol Textiles

  • 234 Eucalyptus Drive
  • El Segundo, CA 90245
  • (310) 766-5074
  • Fax: (213) 482-4858
  • Contact: Shane Rabineau or Oleg Zatsepin
  • Products and Services: SHOL Textiles' premium soft and stable interlinings can go through aggressive washes and still give you the look and feel on the inside to make you look good on the ouside. Services include full-service testing of fabrics with SHOL Textiles' premium fusibles for any apparel needs. We offer excellent quality, service, and price! We will visit you or send samples or receive your fabric to make fuse tests to recommend the proper fusible for your fabric.

Trim Networks Inc.

  • 910 S. Los Angeles St., Suite 405
  • Los Angeles, CA 90015
  • (213) 688-8550
  • Fax: (213) 688-8551
  • Products and Services: TNI is not just a button company; it's an arbiter of taste and fashion. We give designers the freedom to create freely and not have to worry about the little parts and trims. Connecting our clients with reliable and trustworthy garment factories in Asia has been the foundation of our system and our networks. We are in touch with over 2,000 garment and denim factories in southern China. The good water quality of Canton has also enabled us to create some of the most exciting colors in electro plating. Over 300 wash-houses are scattered in this rich province, which in return can provide some of the newest colors in fashion today. In addition, our strategic location south of the delta river gives us plenty of resources to all types of raw-material suppliers. By joining our network, you no longer need to search for garment manufacturers. We have done the research for you.