Made in America Resources | August 2013

Antex Knitting Mills/div. of Matchmaster Dyeing & Finishing Inc.

  • 3750 S. Broadway Place
  • Los Angeles, CA 90007
  • (323) 232-2061
  • Fax: (323) 233-7751
  • Contact: Bill or Anna Tenenblatt

Products and Services: Antex Knitting Mills, a privately owned vertical knitting, dyeing, and printing company in Los Angeles, announces capability of providing full-package garments produced in California or Central America to meet your varied needs. Antex’s product line includes Antex Premier Performance—a line of high-performance, technical fabrics with moisture management, anti-microbial, stain resistant, or UV finishes; Pyrosafe by Antex™, a line of flame-resistant cotton knits; Green Line˙ by Antex™, offering a variety of organic fabrics; and Matchmaster Prints by Antex California, offering design and development of custom prints. Please contact

Buhler Quality Yarns Corp.

Products and Services: Buhler Quality Yarns Corp. – Get more than just yarn. In addition to the industry’s best yarn, we provide unsurpassed technical support, transparency, and 20+ years of supply-chain partnerships. Our U.S.-based facilities allow for quicker delivery and agile responsiveness to market trends. Known throughout the industry for consistency, our products are certified safe by Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, which include Supima Cotton, MicroModal® Edelweiss, Micro TENCEL®, and various blends. Visit our new website at


Products and Services: Established in 1980, we are Southern California fashion-industry specialists in laundry, fabric framing, enzyme washing, soft hand, over-dye, and any other specialized needs. We specialize in dying knit fabric and wovens, as well as enzyme wash. Call Goody or Rea for fast services.

Design Knit Inc.

Contact: Shala Tabassi

Products and Services: Designer and better contemporary knit fabrics from sheer to heavyweight.

What’s New: New items include novelty sweater knits for cut and sew using specialty yarns. Variety of knits made from cashmere, silk, wool, rayon, Modal blends, Supima/micro-Modal, Supima blends, Tencel, MicroTencel, proModal, linen blends, garment dyeable stripes, as well as yarn-dye solids and stripes. Specializing in 3 ends French terrys and fleece knits using a variety of yarn blends. Large selection of fabrics made with streaky and tri-blends yarns. Customized auto stripes single knits.

  • Custom Work: Yes
  • Inventory: Knit to order
  • Minimum: Varies by fabric
  • Price Points: Moderate to high
  • Competitive Edge: We offer new and innovative fabrics every season.
  • Custom developments also available.

Diabolik 85258

Products and Services: We look inward toward our American roots of hard work and integrity to really bring out the cool rock ‘n’ roll elements of jewelry. From the symbols of rock to the symbols of inner purpose, we strive to really speak to you and have a voice for what you believe in. Our vision is to represent who you are with the jewelry we love. We created an identity, a brand that really speaks to not only us but to you and every element that is you. Handcrafted in the good ole USA. We dedicate ourselves to making the finest jewelry possible. “We rock for you!” Please come see us at Booth #209, POOLTRADESHOW, Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas.

Impulse California

Products and Services: Emil Ganjian, president and founder of the Impulse California women’s clothing company, along with brother Jack, knows exactly for whom he is designing. She wants to look stylish, she is not afraid to make a bold color or design statement, and she wants clothes that accentuate the positive—clothes that make her feel good. These are the tops and bottoms that the 20-year-old Impulse California produces. “The silhouettes are always flattering, always very detailed, and the fabric we use makes a lot of difference,” Ganjian says. Another advantage Impulse California has is that its garments are entirely manufactured in Los Angeles. Samples and all cutting are done at the downtown factory, and all sewing is completed within five miles of downtown. Even the hangtags are printed in California. “It’s much easier for us,” says Ganjian. “We can respond quicker to changes, we can quickly bring product to market in two weeks. Our customers love that. That’s why they come to us—they know they are guaranteed in season they will have replenishment quickly.

Jams World

Products and Services: Jams World continues to explode with color, innovation, and handmade wearable art that inspires. Beautiful print imagery and flattering contemporary silhouettes on exclusive spun crushed rayon. Experience design and quality construction that stands the test of time since 1964 ... and, as always, Made in Hawaii, U.S.A.

King America/Kamtex Textile Group

Products and Services: King America Textile Group is the premier manufacturer of made in the USA cotton and poly-cotton fabrics. To learn more about the domestic fabrics manufacturer, check us out on the web.

Spirit Activewear

Products and Services: Spirit Activewear is casual lifestyle, loungewear, and sportswear apparel. Garment dyes luxurious cotton, linen, woven, and novelty fabrics in 25 vibrant colors and known for a soft comfortable feel. Find Spirit Activewear clothing in better resorts and stores throughout the USA, Canada, and the Caribbean. Home to the authentic, famous, original, and unique unisex Spirit Football Jersey ™—so unique that the overall appearance of the Spirit Football Jersey™ is a trademark registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office. Proudly made in the USA.