Trina Turk Launches Activewear

Designer Trina Turk has had a swimwear line since 2006, so it seemed only natural to jump into activewear.

The Los Angeles designer is launching her brightly hued line of fashionable sports-oriented togs for the Resort season with deliveries starting in November.

“Activewear was the next step after swimwear,” Turk said. “And in many of the department stores the same buyer for swimwear is the same buyer for activewear.”

Turk is known for her bright graphic prints and Southern California–centric bold colors, which are predominant in the Trina Turk activewear line, which consists of capri-style knit pants, leggings, close-to-the-body tops and motorcycle-style jackets.

“Prints are an important part of this line because we feel activewear is lacking in good prints,” Turk said.

With that in mind, the designer has created three graphic stories and one black-and-white collection accented in vivid citron green.

The “Oceana” is a swirly, organic print that has the most Trina Turk DNA in it. It is filled with turquoises and oranges. Another print is heavy on orange, which mixes well with pieces from the black collection. Some of the prints incorporate a “T” graphic that runs throughout the print. Another print story is an engineered placement print.

Almost all the pieces are made of 93 percent nylon/7 percent elastane. Retail prices range from $56 for bra-length tops to $94 for full-length leggings to $154 for a motorcycle-style jacket.

Manhattan Beachwear in Cypress, Calif., which produces the Trina Turk swimwear line, will also be handling production for the activewear line.