Denim Under Fire: The EU Tax Hike on US-Made Jeans

On May 1, the European Union unexpectedly and drastically raised duties on US-made women’s jeans to 38 percent. Trade officials, industry organizations and manufacturers are working to repeal the tax hike. Stay up to date on the issue here.

We’ll keep posting updates as this story develops.

As always, we welcome your input. Does this change your international export strategy? Are you thinking about other sourcing options or committed to Made in the US production?

Dec. 4, 2013

Law Firm Gets UK to Strike Down Steep Tariff on Hudson Jeans

June 21, 2013

Trade Officials and Brands Working to Repeal High EU Duty on US-Made Jeans

June 10, 2013

Selfridges Big on California Blue Jeans

June 6, 2013

AAFA Op-Ed: EU Rate Hike on US Jeans Puts LA Industry at Risk

May 29, 2013

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May 19, 2013

LA Denim Demand in London

May 1, 2013

EU Duty Triples on US Women’s Denim Pants

April 26, 2013

Los Angeles Blue Jeans Makers Floored by New Duties Being Imposed by Europe


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