2014 Retrospective

From domestic employment figures and the latest import/export data to retail real estate and retail sales, the editors of California Apparel News take a look at some of the key indicators for the apparel industry in 2014.

We take a look at the retail outlook through the lens of some of California’s priciest retail real estate as well as at some of its successful—and most troubled—retailers.

The balance between domestic manufacturing and offshore production plays out in the California employment and the national import numbers. The California employment numbers paint a picture of an industry that maintains its position as the nation’s apparel manufacturing center as well as lean business making the most of technologically enabled efficiency. And the import numbers tell us where the industry is producing today—and give us an indication where it may be producing tomorrow.

Retail Sales: Urban Outfitters/Wet Seal

Retail Sales: Target, Macy’s Navigate Tough Year

Import/Export: Vietnam Makes Great Inroads in Apparel Exports

Real Estate: Retail Rents Climb in Beverly Hills

Apparel Employment: Looking Beyond the Numbers

Retail Employment: Key Seasons Provide Lift