Buyers Market: What’s New for Trade Shows in 2014

Trade Shows

As of Thursday, May 15, 2014

Trade-show organizers offer buyers and attendees everything from a one-stop shopping experience to a chance to shop a targeted selection of merchandise. Either way, the attendee is the star attraction, and show organizers are always on the lookout for ways to attract new attendees and to keep existing visitors coming back again and again.

California Apparel News caught up with several trade-show organizers—from the giant companies with a huge portfolio of shows to the boutique shows merchandised with a highly curated mix. Here’s what they had to say about buyer tools, perks and resources in the coming year.


Leslie Gallin/Christopher Griffin, Advanstar

Leslie Gallin,

President Footwear

Advanstar Global, including FN Platform, MAGIC, Sole Commerce, WSA, Project Sole NYC

Christopher Griffin




At MAGIC, we believe there are five critical components to making sure that our buyers and attendees get the most out of their MAGIC experience.

We feel that merchandising is No. 1, along with way finding, because they go hand in hand.

The No. 1 comment [I get from retailers] about our shows is how easy we made it for them to get around—whether it was between venues, whether it was in each individual show. We’ve created our neighborhoods within our shows to make it easy to navigate for the retailer. They [find] it refreshing that they are able to search by color-coded areas for certain types of products.

Something else we do pre-show and post-show is we listen. We’re really out there—both on our retailer side and our vendor side—with post-show surveys and follow-ups. We want to hear what everyone says. We feel that being in direct communication and listening to our customers on both sides of the table is key.

[On] each show floor within our clearly identified shows—WWDMAGIC for juniors and women’s apparel; FN Platform for footwear; WSA for fast-fashion footwear; Project for contemporary and trend-driven apparel; ENK Vegas, which represents contemporary women’s; Pool, which is our incubator; and our men’s, our sections, MVMT and Men’s—we clearly curate and map out by classification and price point to enable the buyers to navigate the floor from a retailer’s perspective.


[No. 2 is] our retail-relations team, [which] is the backbone of what secures attendance. We’re making 12,000 calls per show cycle, reaching out to buyers, helping them get registered, and helping them with all sorts of logistical things so they know where to go and what show to see.

We do that by market segment. We’ve got people in New York, [in the Midwest], in Santa Monica [and in] Europe. We do store visits, we send emails, we make phone calls, we’re working industry events. We coordinate matchmaking with teams of [buyers] like Lord & Taylor and Bloomingdale’s, where we’ll assist them in setting their appointment schedule. In this day and age, when buyers are pressed for time and there are so many resources out there, they need someone to curate it a step further.

No. 3 is Shop the Floor, [which] is a 24-seven, 365-days-a-year engagement between buyers and brands.

If you exhibit with us, you’re on Shop the Floor for free. We currently have 950 active brands with over 3,500 products on Shop the Floor, and we’ve got 4,500 active retailers day in and day out searching Shop the Floor for product. In the months in between MAGIC [shows], they can engage with each other and see product. As it gets closer to the show, [Shop the Floor is] used as a way of driving appointments. A buyer can create a list of favorites and use this to direct their appointment schedule. It’s been a really successful platform for us. [It is] taking us into that digital space and beyond just a twice-a-year engagement.


No. 4 [is MAGIC’s] unparalleled seminar series. We realize in order to really ensure that we’re building quality retailers [and] exhibitors, we need to educate them—whether it be business knowledge to make them better businesspeople [or] trends to help them validate their purchases. It could be a town-hall meeting where vendors and exhibitors have a real dialogue about the issues that are important to the industry today. On the sourcing side, whether it’s [California Proposition] 65 or [the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership Act], our industry represents all facets of everything that goes into a product in the fashion sector. We have over 50 free seminars, bringing experts in from all over the world. If you want to be in the know, we feel we offer the right environment.

The last quotient is the fun and the networking. Coming together twice a year for an industry is key. We have daily parties and events on each one of our floors. We have installations with activation. And we do the fun stuff. We had David Cassidy [perform], we had the Commodores, we have contests. We’ve done everything from wacky to serious to “Shark Tank.” (If you think about what that television show represents, it’s all about finding the next new idea. Where else to come but us?) We’re the complete think tank and gene pool for the next new thing. [Retailers] can see more product in three days in a cost-effective manner—and have fun, which is all about seeing old friends and building relationships.


With sourcing, we typically [designate] a focus country [or] a region. This year, instead of focusing on a country, we’re going to be focusing on a category of business. August 2014 is all about denim. We’re looking to have the most comprehensive fashion sourcing denim event ever. We’ve got Jeanologia out of Spain coming to demonstrate new treatments in processing denim that use less water. Some are even dry treatments. Some are more organically based and use less chemicals. They’re more eco friendly and more sustainable. We’ve got Cotton Inc. coming in to show us different ways to grow cotton. In some cases, they’re using some modified cotton strains to create colored cotton. There’s also using organic and vegetable dye to dye the cotton [for] colored denim.

We’re curating a special area of the best denim factories from Vietnam, Egypt, China and the USA. We will still have a denim area on our floor that will cover everything else. But this section will live in a distinct space where Jeanologia and Cotton Inc. and some other folks will have trends and galleries that speak to new treatments. Adjacent to that will be booths of upwards of 50 factories from all over the planet that represent the best practice for denim processing today.

[With] LA having one of the largest premium-denim bases in the world in terms of brands and washhouses and processing facilities, it makes sense on the West Coast for us to host something that’s denim-centric.


Guglielmo Olearo, Première Vision

Guglielmo Olearo

International Exhibitions Director

Première Vision

This year the reasons to visit our show are multiple. [The show features] the richest offer[ing] ever displayed in New York of high-end fabrics, trimmings and designs. More than 250 exhibitors will join Première Vision New York at Piers 92 July 22–23. Among them, [exhibitors from] Italy, France and Turkey play the main role [as well as] a large number of American design studios. For the first time the visitors will find three [trend] forums fully dedicated to the universes displayed at PVNY.

[The show is also an opportunity] to find the preview trends of the next Fall/Winter season selected by the PV fashion team and presented by our deputy fashion director, Sabine Lechatelier, during the Trend Vision seminars. The color cards as well as the color wall will be available to help designers, buyers and product managers to confirm or inspire them in the build of their collection.

[There will also be] a rich list of seminars linked to the fashion industry’s leading trend forecasters [including Promostyl, Trend Stop, Design Options, Sharon Graubart and Carol Meek].

We [also will] organize a special event dedicated to responsible creation in the USA. This panel, [which will include members of] the Council of Fashion Designers of America and the most important fashion and luxury brands, [will be] a conversation about sustainability with different people having roles [and] experiences [with sustainable manufacturing].


Oscar Ben Rodriguez, California Market Center

Oscar Ben Rodriguez

Senior Trade Shows Manager

California Market Center

We focus on pre-show programs such as store visits and call campaigns, which familiarize buyers with the lines at the show.

[We offer] communication through online marketing and social media to keep attendees updated on the latest news and trends. [We also provide] buyer perks such as lounges with free Wi-Fi, product giveaways, complimentary snacks and drinks, validated parking, and, lastly, entertainment, including opening-night receptions and runway shows.

Our trade-show management also provides personal boutique services to buyers by offering product recommendations and being readily available and accessible to them.


Kristy Meade, Messe Frankfurt/Texworld

Kristy Meade

Group Show Director

Messe Frankfurt North America

Texworld USA

We’re very excited about the wide range of programs, services and attractions we have planned for the 17th edition of Texworld USA, which will be held July 22–24, 2014, at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City.

Texworld USA will be co-located with the International Apparel Sourcing Show and Home Textiles Sourcing Expo, providing visitors access to all three shows with one registration. Since our shows cover the entire spectrum of textile sourcing options from apparel fabrics and manufacturing to finished soft goods for the home, we make sure we have a wide range of programs in place that appeal to all of our visitors.

Here are just a few of the show features:

Complimentary Seminars: Organized by our show partner, Lenzing Innovation, our complimentary seminars are always popular with our visitors. Each show offers a wide range of seminars throughout the day regarding specific segments of the business, delivered by industry experts. A sampling of topics covered includes: The Creation of Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Textiles, Innovations in Bedding for 2015, How NOT To Start a Fashion Line and FTC Labeling Guidelines.

Two Trend Forums: Texworld USA will feature its own Trend Forum forecasting trend and color direction for Fall/Winter 2015–2016. Texworld USA will be designed by Paris Art Directors Louis Gerin and Gregory Lamaud and will include a complimentary Trend Book for visitors. Mark Woodman, creative consultant, will develop the Home Textiles Sourcing Expo Trend Forum, featuring the theme “Progress! Revive!”

Interactive Vignettes: Partnering once again with Texworld USA, Manufacture NY will feature an interactive vignette on the show floor providing live demonstrations of fashion design and apparel production.

Resource Center: Our Resource Center provides visitors the opportunity to meet face-to-face with industry partners that offer a wide range of services related to the industry, including research and product development, industry trends, fabric sourcing, color trends/direction and media/advertising.

Tulip Club: Located off the show floor, the Tulip Club is a members-only VIP lounge for our top buyers.

Tradegood: Back by popular demand, Tradegood will provide complimentary onsite buyer/supplier matchmaking services. This free service allows buyers to easily and quickly identify suppliers who meet their sourcing needs, saving them time and money.

Mobile App: In addition to the printed Visitor’s Guide, we will offer a complimentary mobile app that can be easily downloaded to any smartphone. This app will provide visitors access to show features, floor plans and exhibitor information, all delivered directly to their phones.

Oeko-Tex Reception: On July 23, Oeko-Tex will host a complimentary reception allowing visitors and exhibitors a chance to mingle after show hours and provide them information regarding their various certification programs.


Eva Walsh, Dallas Market Center

Eva Walsh

VP, Business Development

Dallas Market Center

Dallas continues to see firsthand growth throughout the apparel marketplace—something that is unique to our region—located in the strongest economic area of the U.S. This March, after measuring buyer-traffic patterns and soliciting valuable feedback from buyers and exhibitors, we changed to a Wednesday–Saturday date pattern to better address our customers’ needs. The new date pattern has been received very well. We are always looking at new ways to engage our customers before and at market. Here are a few program offerings that are targeted to help attendees have the most valuable market experience in Dallas.


In addition to providing a diverse, complete product offering, we’ve continued to expand our programs to offer the resources and education our retailers need to succeed in business.

Market Mavens: New to Dallas Market? Attend a complimentary breakfast to meet our New Market Mavens—associates available to answer any and all market queries including the latest retail news, trends and information about our mobile app and on-site events. Afterward, get oriented with a personal tour of the market on a Market Orientation Tour.

Fashion Shows and Industry-Leading Displays: Our buyers come to market to gain the competitive advantage, whether it’s access to the hottest lines and networking opportunities or our leading fashion shows and displays.

Touring for Success: For new or returning buyers, retail expert Rawlins Gilliland, previous national director of sales and product at Neiman Marcus, shows buyers what’s hot for the next selling season in his Discovery Tours, exclusive to Dallas Market Center.

Pinterest: Dallas Market is the industry leader when it comes to social media. We’ve really ramped up our Pinterest presence in the past year, providing inspiration for your store—from product to display ideas. Get “pinning” at

Dining and Entertainment: Dallas is the mecca of food, fashion and fun. Discover the places, spaces and events that make every Dallas experience with our new Dining and Entertainment Guide at


Whether exhibitors are new to Dallas or a veteran, attendees feel good knowing Dallas is the most efficient marketplace, proving to be a strong value year after year.

Cost-Effective. The cost of doing business in Dallas is lower than any other marketplace, so it makes good business sense. We are all about helping our customers receive the highest return on investment possible—offering lower costs, allowing for a faster ROI compared with any other marketplace.

Convenient. We have an entire department serving as retail ambassadors assisting new and loyal buyers. Our retail-development team works hard to understand a retailer’s business needs and provide support. While at market, buyers take advantage of a full suite of complimentary services, including Wi-Fi, on-site parking, shuttle service to and from area hotels, and hospitalities.

Lowest Travel Costs in the Industry. We’re determined not to let travel costs detract from our customers’ bottom line. Being at the center of it all, literally, Dallas offers more direct flights and the lowest hotel rates of any major marketplace (as low as $78/night).


Aaron Levant, Agenda

Aaron Levant



Last season, we introduced the Admirals Club, inviting our most influential buyers to join an exclusive VIP group, where they received a variety of perks both on and off the show floor. In exchange for these perks, these buyers agreed to connect with a special curated list of both emerging and established brands on the show floor that our team hand-picked. This ensured that they would connect with brands that they normally may have missed or do not currently do business with. The first edition was a huge success by generating more than 800 meetings with retailers and brands that normally would have not been exposed to each other.

Our Retail Relations team also embarked on a nationwide retail trip to four major markets, which included 10 different states and [more than] 200 stores this past off-season to gather information on what we can do to enhance their trade-show experience and share with them information about new brands and new show segments that are exhibiting at Agenda to help them prepare for the show. By implementing these practices we hope to create a deeper understanding and relationship with our retailers and their needs.

These are just a few examples of the many things we are doing to ensure our buyers and exhibitors make the most of their show experiences.


Britton Jones, Business Journals

Britton Jones

President & CEO

BJI Fashion Group

MRket, AccessoriesTheShow, Stitch

Promotional Portfolio—how we connect with our retail community:

MRket, AccessoriesTheShow and Stitch are closely connected to the retail community through a multitude of forums, such as the show websites, pre-show, onsite and post-show marketing materials, our My Market app and social-media outlets in addition to our extensive personal outreach programs. Our diverse mix of communication is designed to serve the needs of every one of our retailers. Some prefer looking through our printed, pre-show pieces while others like previewing our show resources through our vast digital media. Our websites present a complete story for each show by providing lookbooks, show guides, exhibitor profiles, article and brand buzz sections, and detailed amenity and show information pages in addition to almost daily email blasts. Our social-media channels provide a robust flow of buzz-worthy news and imagery geared to engage our audience, and special sections are produced by our sister properties, Accessories Magazine and MR Magazine, and are accessed via print and digitally. Our comprehensive print and searchable digital programs facilitate the ability of retailers to discover new resources and pre-shop the shows in addition to connecting retailers with our designers post-show.

Modern Assembly:

The third edition of Modern Assembly is set for this August market week. After two successful runs, Modern Assembly’s alliance of AccessoriesTheShow, Agenda, Capsule, Liberty, MRket and Stitch will present its unified presence at The Venetian/Sands Expo Center. Modern Assembly’s six unique and tightly focused shows present a uniformed presence that has created a new platform for some of the world’s best retailers. This alliance has transformed the Las Vegas Market Week and is continuing to change the way both designers and retailers view the February and August markets.

MRket, AccessoriesTheShow and Stitch Room Incentive Programs:

We continue to evolve our hotel program in an effort to offer our exhibitor and retailer communities enticing incentives to “Book With Us!” The demand to stay at The Venetian/Palazzo’s five-star property—coupled with being under the same roof as MRket, AccessoriesTheShow and Stitch—has made our hotel incentive program a very important resource to our audience. We continue to add elements of fun and excitement to the Las Vegas experience for our retailers through programs such as the room lottery, upgrades, the Lavo party, and exclusive special offers from other Venetian and Palazzo retailers and restaurants. These programs help our attendees further explore the five-star luxury that the property has to offer.

Creating a diverse shopping environment:

MRket, AccessoriesTheShow and Stitch take great pride in being recognized as the order-writing shows in Las Vegas. Retailers come to our juried, impeccably merchandised show floors to discover new resources, meet current accounts and write orders. What makes MRket, AccessoriesTheShow and Stitch unique is that we provide an experience that truly caters to conducting business in an uplifting, inspirational, amenity-filled environment. Special curated sections are developed and executed each season and provide visual presentations of current trends with the resources on the show floors. Lounges are created to support community interaction and networking while our amenities—which include complimentary breakfast, lunch, cappuccino bars, cocktail receptions and taxi reimbursement—are designed to enhance the experience. Designers know that if they exhibit in MRket, AccessoriesTheShow or Stitch, appointments are made and orders are written.


Pierre-Nicholas Hurstel, CurvExpo

Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel

Chief Executive Officer


Our attendees are our priority; we offer them an all-inclusive trade-show format and a great product offering of intimate, swimwear and men’s lines on both coasts.

Our brands are marketed through all avenues of social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. We offer a year-round marketing platform that not only starts the day the contract is signed, but it is a great tool for new brands to promote themselves in the industry and provide an extra boost for the established brands.

CurvExpo puts a lot of work into attracting new attendees with our brand partnerships and personal shopper services. Our personal shopper program gives the buyer a one-on-one experience with a member of our team. You tell us what you are looking for, answer a quick questionnaire to help us understand your shop, and we will then consult the best brands to visit during the show.

We are particularly enthusiastic to present the second edition of the CurvExpo Trend Wall presented by Promostyl. This will display fabrics, trends and lines from the brands on the show floor for a smarter shopping experience. A consultant will also be present to explain the benefits and how to use this to your advantage.

The highlight of the past Spring/Summer season has been our New Account Program: “Love a new brand? Open a new Account. Win a trip to Paris!” This program was a huge success at the shows, which motivated buyers to “think outside of the box” and search for new brands. Likewise, the brands were just as excited as buyers were eager to meet and work with them.

We have many reasons to keep our attendees coming back and many more to attract the new ones. We anticipate great shows for this season at CurveNY in New York Aug. 3–5 and in CurveNV in Las Vegas Aug. 18–19.


David Lapidos, OffPrice

David Lapidos

Executive Vice President


The Offprice show has a number of perks and services for buyers, including greatly reduced lunch prices (still no such thing as a “free lunch”), courtesy Wi-Fi at the show site and shuttle buses to take buyers from the Sands Expo Convention Center to other shows.

We have an interactive floor plan that will save buyers a lot of pre-show planning time and our own tour guides leading buyer tours of the show twice a day for the first three days.

Through our Loyalty Program, buyers who stay two or more nights at The Venetian or Palazzo will save big.

And, as always, buyers can count on the genuine warmth and knowledge of our entire staff, who are always at hand.

Suzanne De Groot

Executive Director

Fashion Market Northern California

Fashion Market Northern California (FMNC) has changed dramatically in the last five years. Our sold-out show continues to attract new up-and-coming designers, European collections and national brands, some coming from the East Coast to represent their lines/collections to receptive new buyers.

We also offer the largest accessories and shoe collections on the West Coast, providing plenty of options for our crossover customers.

Trend, contemporary and artisan designers make this a destination, and, of course, we are located near one of the major travel destinations in the country as well.

Our buyers are noticing. The word from buyers is that our show is very friendly and easy to shop, and we do our best to promote and expand on this feeling by offering the following:

A complimentary one-night stay at the Marriott in San Mateo to all first-time buyers, which includes free parking and a shuttle to the [San Mateo] Event Center.

A free continental breakfast, a sponsored lunch and snacks in the afternoons.

Parking specials at every show and details in our show directory and on Facebook and the website for each show.

We have extended our hours on Monday nights to add more shopping time and have complimentary wine and beer (coupons given at registration) from 4 to 7 p.m. on Monday as well.

Our show directory is sent to over 1,500 buyers before the show to facilitate scheduling appointments and travel plans.

We are constantly updating our website and social media to better inform and serve buyers.

We believe that we create an atmosphere that supports our buyers, allowing them to have a productive visit in a relaxed, friendly environment that hopefully inspires and energizes them both personally and in their businesses.


Lucia de Sander, Apparel Sourcing Show

Lucía de Sander


Apparel Sourcing Show

The Apparel Sourcing Show is the only trade show in the CAFTA region, and we have a unique Matchmaking Meeting Program.

This year, we have changed the dynamic of this activity with the purpose of creating the adequate structure not only for customers or buyers visiting the show but also for the full-package manufacturers. In this activity, [we] offer the service of creating a business agenda for the buyers who attend, where their profile is matched with the producing factories and are guided throughout the show. These business meetings take place in a special pavilion of manufacturers, where they expose their most competitive products to the visiting buyers.

On average, the show [schedules] around 300 business meetings between 40 manufacturers and 55 buyers. For the attendees in general, we have an activity for all, from workshops for operative training to the most innovative and up-to-date conferences with highly recognized speakers, finishing with targeted networking events.


Henri Myers, Coeur

Henri Myers



What we’ve done with Coeur since day one is try to create an experience for buyers that is both interesting and curated for them. They see so much product, and it’s usually overwhelming.

For our show, we really like to make it a nice, easy process for them from the minute they register online to getting to the venue. Once they are at the venue, they can find known brands and discover new labels that may not be on their radar.

Each season, we target specific stores with the brands we have. We ask that every one of our brands that participate create an email flyer announcement that really highlights their brand image and lifestyle. Because we have the relationships with stores, we can cater the email to them [to include] things that are going to pique their interest. That might be a mix of brands they already do know, but we also like to fill it with a few other images of brands they may not know but still fits [with] what they carry in their store. Buyers are super busy these days, running around from show to show. Curating strong designers makes it easier for them to see something they’re familiar with and also something that makes them think, “That’s interesting. I definitely want to make this show a priority.”

They also get a personal phone call every season, which makes it easier to identify who we are and what we are doing. We also mail hard-copy invites to buyers and press. Not everybody opens an email or the mail or accepts a phone call. We feel that’s been a benefit—to get in touch with them with those three points of [contact].

Since starting Coeur three years ago, we have had so many buyers continuously and graciously recommend brands they think would be a good fit for the show. We also hear from brands that come on board that certain retailers suggested they do the show because they want to make sure they’re seeing the brand there.

We try to work with brands that participate at Coeur as much as we can.

We send a top 10 pointer list out to brands on how to have a successful show and what it takes to be successful in the industry.

We do an online seminar that’s like Trade Show 101. It’s specifically for those newer brands that may not be fully versed in how trade shows work, especially when you’re dealing with LA. That’s something we started offering about three seasons ago. It’s an online virtual conference where we feature a brand or two, a buyer, and myself and [Coeur co-founder] Lisa [Elliot Rosas] on the line. Lisa and I both get so many questions from a lot of brands about how trade shows work. And, of course, LA is slightly different from New York, so we try to make it as easy and informative as possible. [The brands] are able to ask questions about things that they might not be aware of like, when is the best time to outreach to buyers to prepare for market? Also, the seminar will cover everything from setting up their booth and making sure their marketing materials are very strong. We also give information about pricing, line sheets/lookbooks, P.O.s. Most importantly, we want to make sure brands are targeting and also reaching out to key stores they want to be in on all contact methods: calling, emailing and sending strong marketing materials. That information is helpful for those newer brands, but it’s also helpful for those brands that have been around for a while but might be moving away from a showroom setup to representing their own line. Our show is really about having an all-inclusive [experience], making sure that most people can conduct business while they’re there.

We [also] like to have an installation or visual presentation at each show. Our whole makeup is about having lifestyle, accessories, gift, home. We try to work with a different product or brand to bring something eye catching each season.

This season at Coeur, we are collaborating with Kinfolk Magazine and Neutra VDL Studio with [architect] Richard Neutra’s son, Dion Neutra, who will be formally debuting their new jewelry line and showcasing a selection of furniture at Coeur LA.

For New York, this season our show is Sept. 14–16. The 14th is going to be a buyer cocktail reception to give top buyers that we feel should definitely come to the show a little bit of a head start. It will be the first time that we do that for the New York show. That’s going to be from 6 to 9 at the 404NYC event space.

We try each season to connect the buyers to as many brands as possible. It is about making it easier for everyone involved to have a really good show. Our show is curated to the point where every brand has the potential to be placed in every targeted store. It’s a matter of whether those buyers are taking the time out to look at each of them and discover what they have to offer. It is also a matter of designers having a strong marketing, lifestyle, product and store outreach to gain success. We are in the business to give exposure to curated brands and showcase and connect them to stores.


Alex Repola, Hillary France, Brand Assembly

Hillary France

Alex Repola


Brand Assembly

Starting with the June Market, Brand Assembly LA will begin a telephone buyer outreach several weeks prior to the show, inviting buyers and providing information and assistance. Through our partnership with JOOR, the premier online wholesale marketplace, we will continue to make the buying process easier by having Joor personnel available to assist with the Joor iPad application sales reps use to process orders.

Our lounge will continue to be a focal meeting point with juices from Pressed Juicery. Ultimately, though, besides facilitating access to buyers, providing services, and making sure we offer a casual and fun environment, what really sets Brand Assembly apart is the careful curation and mix of brands and categories. As one of the participants told us, “If Brand Assembly was a boutique, I would only shop there.”


John Ruffo, Lazr

John Ruffo


Lazr Trade Show

Our August show is a first for us. We will hold Lazr during Los Angeles Fashion Market to attract the more-focused, targeted market already shopping The New Mart. We are looking at mid- to high-tier designer brands. We worked really hard to find out what aspect of the market needs to be addressed during this time, as well as finding dates when buyers would be available in Los Angeles and not attending events in New York.

Because many showrooms will be open on Sunday during LA Fashion Market, we have plans to make the first day a “coming out” event of sorts so that buyers can meet with the brands they want to see but also have the opportunity to indulge in entertainment and an interactive, business-oriented event.

Going forward, we plan to present an even broader show in October.

We are working on several buyer programs, including an event-guide app to help people navigate the show’s exhibitor list, browse in-show events, and create a schedule of brands they want to see and events they want to attend. The app is currently under development and will officially launch in October.

Fashion Business Inc. will produce another amazing runway show for the opening day of the show in August and October.

Other plans for October include a live shoe-review panel discussion organized by Last-Report and featuring a local buyer, educational seminars hosted by our industry peers and organizations, and a trend forecast.

We will continue to have the Lazr Market, the open-to-public aspect of the show, and want the show to have a B2C environment like we did at our first event, when we had bloggers, stylists and trendsetters participating in the event, as well as the market. We want to connect the consumer to the brand. Zappos and American Express are already on board to sponsor the B2C portion of the show.

And we are planning an opening-night party for the October show, but with so many choices of venues in LA, details are TBA!

Jeff Yunis


WWIN ((WomensWear In Nevada)

Our focus has always been on making the show experience as good as possible for the buyer because that’s what it’s all about. Without the buyers, there are no shows.

So, we will continue with our free breakfast, lunch and afternoon refreshments. We will continue with free Internet connections for all attendees. We will continue to offer buyers personal assistance with any questions or problems that they have related to the show. We will continue to accept other show badges so that buyers do not have to stand in line again. We will continue to treat each buyer as though they bought for Walmart or Macy’s.


Sam Ben Avraham, Liberty Fairs

Sam Ben-Avraham


Liberty Fairs

We are constantly working on merchandising the show in the most efficient way for buyers. We’re working with the buyers year round on the planning of our shows and events. They’re constantly giving us feedback throughout our process in the lead up to the show, which is a key factor in creating an environment and show floor that caters to them.

We’re also distributing printed and digital versions of our show map before the show to help buyers pre-plan and set appointments, which is something we highly recommend.

We will, of course, be hosting events designed to bring the industry together this season. In New York, we’ll have our second biannual industry bowling event, and in Las Vegas we’ll host another panel discussion.