When Football Met Fleece

At first, the idea of anyone who clocks their age in years rather than months dressing in a fleece onesie designed to look like a football sounds ridiculous.

But spend a few minutes on the Zooop iT UP website and you start to realize absurdity is part of the fun.

The company’s About Us page asks “Ever wonder what it would feel like to wear a hug? Been plagued by what could possibly be the next best thing to being naked? Question why comfort and sexy are considered mutually exclusive?”

It calls its founder, Fabien Tref, a “dedicated comfort connoisseur,” who suffered “a series of unfortunate events” before founding Zooop iT UP. “During this period of malaise, it was not unusual for Fabien to wander the streets clad in quirky sleepwear,” the site says.

Originally founded in Florida, Zooop iT UP recently relocated to Los Angeles. The product line includes 100 percent cotton fleece onesies, rompers and other comfort apparel and footwear for men and women. The travel style has five pockets promising to turn “traveling into a hands-free experience.” There are holiday styles, animal, camouflage and patriotic patterns, as well as collegiate and professional sports styles.