Forever 21 Unveils Giant Solar Project

Los Angeles is celebrated for its sunny weather, and fast-fashion giant Forever 21 is going to harness the sun’s power.

The company announced on Jan. 21 that its headquarters in Los Angeles’ Lincoln Heights neighborhood has gone solar. The retailer installed a 5.1-megawatt high-efficiency SunPower solar-power system. A Forever 21 statement said the headquarters features the largest single-rooftop solar-power system in Los Angeles County and the third-largest in California.

The system will reportedly generate enough energy to power 1,450 homes in Lincoln Heights. This clean-energy system will sidestep producing carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change. A Forever 21 statement said that the solar-power system will avoid producing 13 million pounds of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to taking 1,200 passenger cars off the roads.

Forever 21 founder Don Chang said, “We are thrilled to be a leader in the adoption of clean energy and proud to say that we have built the largest solar rooftop in Los Angeles. As an LA- based company, we wanted to contribute to the city’s goal of increasing clean renewable energy and becoming a more green economy.”

PermaCity Solar designed and installed Forever 21’s solar roof system with the help of West Hills Construction. Business worked with government to make Forever 21’s solar project possible. The companies worked with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s solar programs, the FiT100 Set Pricing Program and the Solar Incentive Program, which offers financial incentives for clean-energy programs.