CurveNV Moving to Mandalay Bay, Co-locating With Project Women’s

Trade Shows

As of Thursday, June 16, 2016

CurvExpo, the lingerie and swimwear trade show, is on the move in Las Vegas.

In August, CurveNV will move to the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, where it will co-locate with UBM’s Project Womens trade show during the shows’ Aug. 15–17 runs.

Previously located at the Las Vegas Convention Center, CurveNV will now show alongside the contemporary ready-to-wear brands at Project Womens.

The new location at Mandalay Bay will create a one-stop shopping venue for retailers looking to add swim and lingerie to their contemporary merchandise mix, CurveNV organizers said. For CurveNV’s exhibitors, the new location will allow them to discover new retailers and new trends and develop crossover product categories.

“This is excellent news for our exhibitors and visitors, who will be immersed in one of the best— if not the best—of the trade shows happening during Las Vegas’ fashion week, showcasing only the best contemporary brands and creating incredible business opportunities,” said Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, chief executive officer of CurvExpo’s parent company, Eurovet Americas. “This was the logical evolution in our collaboration with UBM and MAGIC, and I am thrilled that we made it happen.”

French trade-show producer Eurovet is the parent company of CurvExpo, which produces the CurveNV show in Las Vegas and the CurveNY show in New York. In 2015, Eurovet struck a joint-venture deal with MAGIC and Project producer UBM (then called Advanstar) to move CurveNV from its original home at The Venetian to a separate space at the Las Vegas Convention Center next to WWDMAGIC. In February, CurveNV moved to a new space within the WWDMAGIC show floor, where exhibitors included lingerie brands Felina from California, Leonisa from Colombia and Triumph from Germany as well as swimwear companies such as Miami-based InGear Fashions Inc. Exhibitors praised the seamless flow of traffic between CurveNV and WWDMAGIC, but CurveNV’s placement next to childrenswear exhibitors and accessories vendors was less than ideal.

“This is really the best possible location CurveNV could dream of in Vegas,” said Chris DeMoulin, managing director of fashion for UBM. “We are very happy to go a step further into bringing the lingerie and swimwear categories together and keep developing business synergies between our shows.”