Aaron Levant Goes Foodie

Courtesy of Truff.

Courtesy of Truff.

As of Wednesday, December 13, 2017

We know Aaron Levant as the founder of Agenda trade show, and one of the guys who helped start ComplexCon festival, which is a heaven for sneaker obsessives. Are we ready for Aaron Levant the foodie?

Levant and a group which includes Jon Buscemi of the Buscemi brand, recently introduced Truff Hot Sauce. A brand statement describes Truff as a “selective blend of premium red chili peppers infused with black truffle oil from Northern Italy, and organic agave nectar from Jalisco, Mexico. We tie it all together with a hint of organic cumin, resulting in a flavor profile designed for only the most curious connoisseur.”

It’s retailed for $14.99 at TruffHotSauce.com.