Invista’s Cordura Introduces Ultra-Strong Nylon-6.6 Staple Fiber

Invista, the Wichita, Kan.–based maker of Lycra and Cordura fibers, has introduced a new high-strength Cordura, made with the company’s T420HT fiber technology.

The company said this development is the strongest nylon 6.6 fiber it has ever produced. The company has been working on the patent-pending technology for two years.

“At Invista, an ongoing dedication to innovation is in our DNA,” said Anthony Green, global Cordura-brand business director, in a statement. “Our latest T420HT technology launch is one in a series of new qualifying Cordura-brand fiber breakthroughs to come as we continue to push the boundaries of durable possibilities.”

Cordura Nyco (a nylon/cotton) blend based on the T420HT high-tenacity fiber is undergoing wear trials for military applications. The durable but lightweight fabrics, including Cordura Nyco Extreme and Cordura Nyco Tactical fabrics, can be used for military uniforms, outdoor apparel and workwear, according to the company. Dickies will introduce the Dickies Pro with Cordura fiber technology workwear collection for Fall 2017.

Cordura—which resists abrasions, tears and scuffs—is used for everything from luggage, upholstery and backpacks to footwear, military equipment, tactical wear, workwear and performance apparel.

This year, Cordura brand is celebrating its 50th anniversary. To celebrate, the company will launch several new fiber and fabric innovations, new applications, and collaborations.

“This very special year is going to be one for the books as we unveil our most groundbreaking innovations and collaborations,” said Cindy McNaull, global Cordura brand and marketing director, in a statement. “Since commercialization of the fabric in 1967, the Cordura brand has worked hand in hand with its mill and supply-chain partners to break molds and blaze new trails—with all signs, roads and paths leading to a next generation of durable solutions. And 2017 may be the best year yet.”

In addition to Cordura T420HT, Invista will introduce high-strength Cordura Denim and Cordura Combat Wool. The company is working with Cone Denim to introduce Cordura Selvage Denim and with Artistic Milliners on Cordura Combat Wool. Invista has also updated its partnership with Woolrich to introduce a new collection of Wool-Dura, which includes both Cordura and Woolrich wool. The fabric is woven in Woolrich’s 187-year-old mill in Pennsylvania.

A 50th Anniversary Capsule Collection will be introduced in partnership with Struktur Studio and Artistic Milliners. The “retro-futuristc” collection will include garments made with Cordura Combat Wool, Cordura Denim/Tencel blends and Schoeller “change” and “cerasphere” coating technologies.