Unifi Expands Repreve Production to Vietnam, Distribution in Asia

Vietnam is the next stop for Repreve, according to Greensboro, N.C.–based Unifi Inc., which produces the fiber made from recycled materials including plastic bottles.

Unifi has struck a deal with Vietnam-based Century Synthetic Fiber Corp., which is now a licensed manufacturer of Repreve. The mill will manufacture, sell and distribute Repreve filament yarn within Vietnam. Unifi Textiles (Suzhou) Co. Ltd., a China-based subsidiary of Unifi, will manage sales and distribution of Repreve yarn exported from Vietnam.

Unifi’s agreement with the two companies will open new channels for Repreve and shorten lead times for companies producing in Asia.

Ho Chi Minh City–based Century Synthetic Fiber Corp. has been producing polyester yarn for more than 15 years.

“Vietnam has been a region of focus for brands and retailers over the past few years,” said Tom Caudle, president of Unifi Inc., in a statement. “The growth in the region cannot be ignored, with exports of approximately $27 billion of apparel and textiles in 2015 and expectations to grow to $30 billion in 2016. Within the past 18 months, we’ve grown distribution of Repreve to include Turkey, Taiwan, Sri Lanka and, now, Vietnam.”

Jay Hertwig, Unifi’s vice president of global brand sales, marketing and product development, said establishing a production and distribution base in the region is important for Repreve and for the company’s overall global supply chain.

“This is a strategic position in growing the global supply chain for Repreve and will allow us to expand into other premium value-added products in the near future,” Hertwig said. “A presence in Vietnam will enable Unifi to meet sourcing requests and increasing demand from our customers wherever they choose to do business.”

Unifi produces textured and other processed yarns as well as “premier value-added yarns with enhanced performance characteristics.” In addition to recycled Repreve fiber and yarns, the company produces Sorbtek, Reflexx, Aio, Satura, Augusta, A.M.Y., Mynx UV and Microvista products for the apparel, hosiery, automotive, home furnishings and industrial markets.