FBI Moves Out of CMC


As of Thursday, June 1, 2017

After nine years at the California Market Center, Fashion Business Inc., the educational nonprofit for start-up and growing fashion companies, is moving into a shared office space called CTRL Collective, located on the fourth floor of 833 S. Spring St., a short walk from FBI’s previous digs. FBI formally opened for business in its new space on June 1.

A classroom, boardroom, photo labs and a kitchen will be available to FBI members when the nonprofit wants to hold classes or meetings in a physical space, said Frances Harder, founder and president of FBI. “We don’t need a big space anymore,” Harder said. “Most of the people we are connecting with are in different parts of the country, even different parts of the world.”

To access space at CTRL Collective, FBI directors and instructors will have to reserve classroom area or the boardroom from CTRL Collective management. To use CTRL Collective space, one must take out a membership with the collective and reserve space. CTRL Collective also runs a shared office space in the Playa del Rey neighborhood of Los Angeles.

FBI started in 1999, and for 18 years it was headquartered in downtown Los Angeles’ Fashion District. Its new base in the CTRL Collective will allow the educational nonprofit to keep a presence where much of Los Angeles’ fashion business is rooted. FBI’s new location at CTRL Collective is temporary, however. In the fall, the organization is scheduled to move to a new permanent space outside of the Fashion District.

FBI helps produce certified job-training programs. It also produces seminars on technology, law and entrepreneurship. Harder is the author of the business book Fashion for Profit. FBI also produces the annual All Aboard–LA’s Fashion Platform, typically during Los Angeles Fashion Week.

For more information about FBI, visit www.fashionbizinc.org or call the organization’s new phone number, (800) 533-8551.