Marchers Gather in Downtown LA in Fashion District

The Fashion District was filling up fast on Monday with demonstrators who planned to take to the streets on May Day to show their discontent with Trump's presidency.


Gabriela Alcala with dancers from the Anahuacalmecac charter school in El Sereno, Calif.


Mariachi Tequila with Josue Bautista, Jaime Balivia and Alberto Hernandez

In front of the Ace Hotel, a large group marching under the banner of "Full Rights for Immigrants" were setting up to walk up Broadway toward City Hall.

There was a group of indigenous dancers wearing feathered headdresses, a mariachi band ready to play fiesta music and lots of people carrying banners that said "Eat the Rich," "Stop the Deportations," and "No Human Being is Illegal."

Atop a large bus decked out with a red-and-black banner that said: "Huelga General" or "General Strike," speakers were talking about the injustices that have been imposed on immigrants under the Trump administration.

The immigrants-right group was expected to join a crowd of 100,000 on Monday morning that started their march in MacArthur Park and proceeded to City Hall in downtown Los Angeles.

Many streets in downtown LA were blocked off for the march and lots of police were lined up on the routes.