Upscale Lifestyle Trade Show Coeur Partners With Project Womens

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As of Thursday, May 11, 2017

Coeur, the upscale accessories and lifestyle trade show, is partnering with Project Womens to launch a “premiere apothecary, home and gift trade fair” during the Aug. 14–16 run of Project Womens at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.

Dubbed Coeur x Project Womens, show organizers have enlisted interior designer Joseph Jagod to showcase ways retailers can “incorporate gifts, home, apothecary and tech accessories into their ready-to-wear stories.”

Among the companies showing at Coeur x Project Womens are Los Poblanos, Lux-Eros, Kelly + Jones, Happy Habitat and Castify.

“Traditional retailers are looking for a way to reinvent their stores now more than ever. Bricks-and-mortars strive to create a more inspirational experience for their customers while shopping. Ready-to-wear stores are interested in introducing lifestyle items into their lineup of products that will complement their existing offerings. Project Womens attendees have echoed this interest in tech accessories, apothecary, home décor and gifts, propelling this partnership with Coeur,” said Kelly Helfman, vice president of Project Womens, in a company statement. “Coeur is the perfect partner for Project Womens, offering a curated selection of home, gifts and beauty merchandise that will create an added value for our retailers to shop.”

Founded in 2011, Coeur hosts shows in Los Angeles and New York showcasing high-end collections of fashion accessories, gift items, home décor and lifestyle products. “The trend in gift and beauty brands engages a more involved shopping experience to the end consumer, thus more excitement and demand to shop. Coeur has partnered with Project Vegas to bring to life a fast-growing category in the overall lifestyle industry including hand-picked brands in beauty, home, gift and tech, allowing retailers—from hotels, spas, specialty and majors—to discover hand-selected items to add to their store curation,” said Henri Myers, Coeur cofounder and creative director. Owned by UBM, Project Womens is part of the massive MAGIC Marketplace in Las Vegas, which also includes Project Las Vegas, WWDMAGIC, The Collective, Pooltradeshow, Stitch, Sourcing at MAGIC, FN Platform and WSA at MAGIC.