Michaud Opens Thread + Seed

Interior of Thread + Seed. Photo by Rich Miño

Interior of Thread + Seed. Photo by Rich Miño

As of Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Melanie Michaud started her retail biz several years ago with a series of pop-up shops called Graffiti Beach.

She relocated from Los Angeles to the San Diego area, and in 2012, she opened a permanent Graffiti Beach shop devoted to indie fashion. Over the recent Labor Day weekend,she opened a new boutique Thread + Seed, in San Diego’s Bankers Hill neighborhood.

Michaud described Thread + Seed as a curated gift shop.

“There are unique wood sunglasses, paired with marbled watches. There are specialty scarves paired with handcrafted hats. In my market, I see a big push for people who will spend on great pieces and are willing to pay the price for quality,” she said.