Hyosung to Bring High-Performance and Sustainable Technologies to Munich Fabric Start


As of Thursday, May 2, 2019

During the Munich Fabric Start fair, which will be held Sept. 4-6, creora brand manufacturer Hyosung will launch its new line—creora Fit2. The new fabrics from the world’s largest spandex producer will feature a second-skin fit, offering 360-degree comfort to meet consumer demand and use a creora eco-soft low-heat set spandex. The four-way stretch characteristics of creora eco-soft reduces shrinkage and yields better recovery for smart denim.

“For 2019–2020, we see sustainability and performance as key trends in the denim market, along with new garment designs,” Mike Simko, global marketing director for Hyosung, said in a statement.

Creora Fit2 four-way stretch will afford greater comfort by Mipan aqua-X and askin cooling technologies. For greater durability, this innovation will also include Mipan robic high-tenacity nylon, which offers greater tear resistance and tensile strength.

Through its creora eco-soft fiber, Hyosung will bring greener options to denim manufacturing, as it will reduce the strain on valuable energy resources during the finishing process.

“We offer creora eco-soft low-heat set spandex for sustainability as less energy is required in finishing, and it can be used in for new styling options,” Simko explained. “Smart denim, with the addition of functional yarns for enhanced performance, is of interest for added value to the consumer.”

For greater comfort and a softer hand, creora eco-soft can be paired with other fibers including organic cotton and Tencel and a new option for woven and knit denim manufacturing.