Polartec Introduces Less Bulky, Insulation Fabric

Polartec was introduced on the fabric scene more than 30 years ago as an alternative to wool. It offers wool’s warmth but is not as heavy and is machine washable.

At the recent run of Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show, held Jan. 25–28 in Denver, the Polartec company introduced Polartec Power Fill. Consider it an alternative to down, which is often used to insulate winter clothes.

Polartec Power Fill is a polyester fiber that resists moisture absorption, dries quickly and offers less-bulky insulation.

The first company to use Polartec Power Fill is Triple Aught Design, headquartered in San Francisco’s Dogpatch District. Triple Aught placed Polartec Power Fill fiber in its Bastion Hoodie, which is its version of the “puffy” jacket. The made-in-the-USA jacket is currently available on the label’s website (www.tripleaughtdesign.com).

Power Fill makes the Bastion Hoodie easier to move around in because it doesn’t have the bulk and weight of traditional down and similar fabrics. With less bulk, it also packs more easily.

Triple Aught described the Polartec Power Fill as a matrix of polyester, which is made of 80 percent recycled content. The Power Fill creates thousands of air pockets that capture and contain body heat.

Polartec customers Flylow, Giro and Millet also will bring garments using Power Fill to the market. Outdoor Retailer attendees reportedly got a preview of these upcoming products at the trade show’s Polartec booth.

Polartec, based in Andover, Mass., invented modern synthetic fleece in 1981, the company said. Its products include lightweight wicking and cooling fabrics. The fabrics are used by consumer companies and the U.S. military as well as in the workwear and contract upholstery markets.