New Logo for LA Fashion District


As of Thursday, March 1, 2018

Times are no doubt changing in the Los Angeles Fashion District, and with this shift the LA Fashion District Business Improvement District (BID) has changed its logo. As the neighborhood continues to develop into an area accommodating new hotel properties, providing modern residential spaces to prospective tenants and offering an extensive, enviable selection of culinary options, the organization sought to refresh its own image to better serve the area it represents.

“We’ve been talking about it for a while,” said Rena Masten Leddy, executive director of the LA Fashion District BID. “We spent the last six to eight months creating a brand and communication strategy for the district. What we wanted to pinpoint and highlight is that the district is changing.”

Redesigning the logo wasn’t simply a matter of developing a new design for the organization. Considering all the characteristics found within Los Angeles’ Fashion District, the designers focused on the impressions that are felt when visitors travel into the area. Though the new developments are an exciting sign of the area’s future, it was also important to think about the community’s cultural and architectural history.

“They [the designers] really captured what you see and feel when you walk into this district—colors and vibrancy,” Masten Leddy explained. “The historical nature of what is in the neighborhood and culture. The architectural historic buildings in the area. All those things went into the logo.”

Developing a new look for the logo wasn’t only a decision by a few people within the organization’s office. The new logo was an effort among the district’s stakeholders, who are the property owners in the area and who fund the operations.