New Chairman Elected for the National Council of Textile Organizations


As of Thursday, March 22, 2018

At its annual meeting, the National Council of Textile Organizations elected Marty Moran, chief executive of Buhler Quality Yarns Corp. in Jefferson, Ga., as its chairman. Previously, he had been the vice chairman of NCTO.

Replacing Moran as vice chairman is Don Bockoven, president and chief executive of Leigh Fibers and ICE Recycling in Wellford, S.C.

At the group’s annual meeting, held March 20–22 in Washington, D.C., the outgoing chairman, William McCrary, delivered a 2018 state of the U.S. textile industry overview that showed that the U.S. textile supply chain employed 550,000 people and exported $28.6 billion in fiber, textiles and apparel in 2017.

“Thanks to its productivity, flexibility and innovation, the U.S. textile industry has cemented its position in the global market,” said McCrary, who is the chairman and chief executive of William Barnet & Son, a synthetic fiber/yarn/polymer company in Spartanburg, S.C.

Fabric exports in 2017 totaled $8.9 billion, cotton and wool exports came to $5.9 billion, apparel exports amounted to $5.7 billion, and yarn exports added up to $4.4 billion. The countries buying the most man-made fiber, yarn and fabric from the United States were led by Mexico, which acquired $4.4 billion; Canada, with $1.7 billion; and Honduras, with $1.3 billion.