Manny J Style & Laura Howe of Matrushka Unveil Collab Line

Los Angeles fashion people have gotten to know the indie looks of Manny J Style and Laura Howe of Matrushka. On June 1, these two independent designers unveil Deconstructed Symmetry, a collaboration line. The list of looks include a cloak, karate pants, and if you been following Manny’s Thread Haus line, crew caps! These chapeaus have been an obsessions of Manny’s.

The event will be the inaugural Virgil Village First Fridays. It’s something of an art walk for Virgil Village. So, you haven’t heard of Virgil Village? No problem. It’s the area between Silver Lake and East Hollywood in Los Angeles. The area’s boosters say its an up-and-coming retail and restaurant neighborhood. Fashion boutique Virgil Normal and Sqrl, a brunch restaurant, famous for its jams, claim the area for their addresses.


She only goes by the name Suggie. She's wearing a look from Deconstructed Symmetry. Images courtesy of Manny J Style