WESA Will Be Dallas Bound in 2021

Beginning in January 2021, the Western & English Sales Association (WESA) will host its International Western/English Apparel & Equipment Markets at its new home at the Dallas Market Center.

As the equestrian industry’s largest trade-event producer, WESA produces International Western/English Apparel & Equipment Markets every January and a second event during the summer months. The markets are currently held at the Denver Mart in January and September, but the second show will shift to June in 2019. Once the show arrives in Dallas, the summer installment will be held in August.

“After extensive conversations and with a shared mission of supporting the industry, we are working with the Dallas Market Center to create new opportunities for sales representatives, manufacturers and market attendees,” said Gerald Adame, president of WESA, which was formed in 1921 as the Men’s Apparel Club of Colorado.

In addition to equestrian equipment and tack, the event features Western- and English-style apparel, fashion accessories, footwear and headwear. In its new home, the International Western/English Apparel & Equipment Market will occupy the 11th and 12th floors of the World Trade Center following work to update the areas. Manufacturers of certain Western brands will be able to enjoy permanent showroom spaces on the 14th floor.

“For retailers from around the world, we will work to deliver an inspiring market with a fresh mix of bestselling Western brands and new products across more categories,” said Cindy Morris, president and chief executive officer of the Dallas Market Center. “For leading Western and English manufacturers and sales representatives, we will provide first-rate facilities and services, and we will help deliver loyal and new buyers to expand their sales opportunities.”