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Nathalia Gaviria Shows Camo Cool for Fall 2019

For her Fall 2019 Nathalia Gaviria Gold collection, the Los Angeles designer sought inspiration from navigating the city. Gaviria typically creates pieces for her Nathalia Gaviria Gold line to inspire clients to stand out. As part of the Camo collection, these designs use camouflage patterns to bring attention to the wearer. This juxtaposition between the ways camouflage is used to hide the person wearing it and Gaviria’s desire to make her clients the center of attention in their environment reveals the designer’s knack for shaking up norms.

“We call it the Camo collection, and the idea behind it is that camouflage was created to blend into a jungle environment,” Gaviria said. “I use it to stand out in the urban jungle.”

Using sequins, faux fur, cotton and wool, Gaviria created pieces with accents in gold, olive, brown and black. With its cool looks that could protect in a hot desert, Gaviria has received requests for pieces—specifically for her faux-fur jackets and ponchos—from clients who will travel to the annually constructed Burning Man. Taking place Aug. 25–Sept. 2, the temporary Black Rock City is built in the Nevada desert, and the event is hosted by the San Francisco-headquartered Burning Man Project. To complement the collection’s release, Gaviria opened a new boutique at 7403 Melrose Ave.

Photographer Sarah Elly, Stylist DeAnna Bonin