Exterior of Bldwn's Melrose Place flagship. All photos courtesy of Bldwn

Exterior of Bldwn's Melrose Place flagship. All photos courtesy of Bldwn


Bldwn Opens Melrose Place Flagship

Contemporary brand Bldwn manufactures its jeans and runs its creative office in Los Angeles. On Aug. 12, it increased its retail presence in the Los Angeles area. It opened what it calls its first flagship store, which is located in the Melrose Place designer district in the Los Angeles area. The denim brand formerly ran a shop on 8410 Melrose Ave. It runs a total seven branded boutiques around America, which includes the new flagship.

The 1,100-square-foot Melrose Place flagship is located at 8424 Melrose Place and was designed by Montalba Architects, in collaboration with Bldwin’s creative team.


Interior of Bldwn flagship

“As a truly iconic American brand, Bldwn pays homage to modern American design. We sought to do the same through our design, which favors transparency and texture, allowing the space itself to become a poetic backdrop for the clothing,“ David Montalba, Montalba Architects' founding principal, said.

The shop features architectural design materials such as white oak, black steel and micro-ribbed glass. It also features collectors pieces by influential industrial designers Charles and Ray Eames and furniture by Warren Platner. The shop also will present artwork by various emerging American artists, ceramists and designers. All of these pieces will be available for purchase.