Runway Heels Debuts in Pop-up Retail Space

Convertible-footwear brand Runway Heels recently expanded into retail through a pop-up shop model at Westfield Century City. The Studio City, Calif., brand was founded by Melody Avecilla in 2015.

The shoes’ convertible designs rely on a push button that allows wearers to retract or extend a heel, affording both a flat or a pump within one product.

“We are breaking the myth that shoemaking can only be done a certain way,” Runway Heels Chief Executive Officer Melody Avecilla said in a press release. “With our patented technology, you can change from flats to high heels or vice versa in a matter of seconds all at the push of a button.”

The brand has moved from its exclusively direct-to-consumer model into a temporary retail space. Unveiled Dec. 20, the pop-up shop will remain open until Jan. 18.

“It has been our team’s mission from the beginning to offer high heels that provide style without sacrificing comfort,” Avecilla said in a statement. “This is a disruptive fashion technology product that will revolutionize women’s footwear.”