Dept. of Good Takes A Bow

For the past couple of years, trend pundits have noted that consumers increasingly seek a sense of social responsibility from the brands they do business with, and a humanitarian bang for their buck.

This message has been heard by the recently launched Dept. of Good. Based in Venice, Calif., it introduced an online market where consumers can find sustainable and fair-trade businesses, as well as brands offering goods in fashion, wellness, homewares and other markets.

Every business on the platform will give proceeds from sales to non-profits for causes such as women’s rights, environment, and animal welfare. Brands participating on the site include Maui & Sons, Pangea Swimwear and Shades of Black. The platform was launched by Joey Adler, a former president and chief executive officer of Diesel Canada. The marketplace also is running an Indiegogo campaign to further fund its tech and marketing initiatives.