Edouard Macquin Appointed President of Lectra Americas


Edouard Macquin

Lectra, the French information-technology and digital-solutions leader that produces software and hardware to facilitate fabric cutting, appointed Edouard Macquin as its new president of Lectra Americas.

Previously he was the company’s chief sales officer and exhibited a keen understanding of how to aid Lectra’s global clientele with fresh technological product offerings.

“I know Lectra’s solutions by heart, and I know the effort we put into research and development to make them work,” Macquin said. “My deep knowledge of the global market in apparel is important. This ecosystem starts in New York, continues in Hong Kong, goes to Vietnam and China, and comes back to New York. That ecosystem—I understand it well.”

During Macquin’s 32-year career with Lectra, he has successfully led the company to increase its business in France, Italy, the United States and Brazil. Now based in Atlanta, he looks forward to shifting the apparel industry toward solutions that will create a more efficient business.

“The consumers are becoming an actor of the product,” Macquin explained. “If you want things to happen, you have to do it with a fast response time. It’s a very fast creation process for a collection. It is the market and needs of the consumer that are going in that direction.”

As president of Lectra Americas, Macquin will continue to cultivate the company’s interests within the fashion, furniture and automotive categories across North and South America. He will also lead brands to recognize new business and product opportunities.

“With his ability to execute on our entire range of technological solutions, there is no better choice to lead our Americas business and our Industry 4.0 offerings there,” Lectra’s chairman and chief executive Daniel Harari said in a statement. “Edouard consistently delivers on our strategic objectives. Our values of innovation and customer empowerment are ingrained into the way Edouard thinks and works, so we look forward to him continuing to grow our business in the Americas.”