Images of G.Label Men courtesy of Goop

Images of G.Label Men courtesy of Goop

Goop Unveils Men's Collection G. Label Men

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop platform has dispensed advice on wellness, food and travel to women. It also has sold women’s fashions from brands such as Stella McCartney, Nili Lotan and Goop’s G.Label.

Earlier this week, Goop unveiled a fashion line for the guys. It’s G.Label Men. The first looks from the line will feature six Italian-made knits such as cardigan and crewneck sweaters and a hoodie. Retail price points will range from $450 to $525.

Getting involved with men’s fashions also means getting involved with men’s issues. Goop introduced a new men’s space on the platform The men’s section will feature a monthly newsletter, said Elise Loehnen, Goop’s chief content officer. It will focus on subjects such as wellness and engaging with a conversation on what makes a man…a real man.

“At our core, Goop is focused on eliminating shame around vulnerability,” Loehnen said. “And we wanted to serve men in the same way we’ve pushed the conversation forward for women over the past decade.”


Screenshot from Goop Men section of Goop