L.A. Premium Denim and Twill Supplier Artisan Cloth Opens New NYC Showroom

Home to premium denim and twill textiles such as Kurabo and HW Textiles, Los Angeles–based supplier Artisan Cloth is expanding its presence in New York City.

Moving from a 350-square-foot space located in the city’s garment district to a 2,500-square-foot showroom overlooking Bryant Park, Artisan Cloth owners Brad Alden Mowry and his wife, Danielle, sought to create a space that would welcome their clients into a luxurious yet comfortable atmosphere.

“This showroom is quite large, with great lighting and a great view and display area and large tables,” he said. “It’s conducive to group meetings whereas our old place was not. We wanted it to be inspiring and comfortable when people come over. There is enough room to have interesting product in the vicinity of every meeting.”

After four years in the former space, Artisan Cloth moved into the new showroom in February with a mission to create a similar experience found in its Los Angeles Arts District space.

The West Coast location is known for its annual Innovation Celebration, which blends the festive atmosphere of a great party with opportunities for networking and exploring new products. In true Artisan Cloth form, Mowry is hosting a grand-opening celebration in New York on June 11 to welcome clients into the new showroom.

“This is an upgrade to a larger showroom overlooking Bryant Park,” Mowry said. “We are planning to have an elevated grand opening. We will have a chef making delicious, custom-made food onsite. We’ll also have a bartender making martinis and non-alcoholic beverages. We’re trying to make it a classy and nice evening for our guests to see the new place.”

During the evening’s festivities, guests will have the opportunity to explore textile options with Kurabo and HW Textiles in addition to products from apparel-hardware manufacturer Apholos.