Langley Fox and Nick Fouquet. Photos by Jojo Korsh/

Langley Fox and Nick Fouquet. Photos by Jojo Korsh/

Nick Fouquet Opens on Abbot Kinney

Some fashions ride into the sunset and never return. Please don’t count on the stove pipe hat and the powdered wig making a comeback. However that fate might not be in store for the beaver fur felt hat. It covered the head of many a pioneer and adventurer coming out West in the 19th century. These hats are making a comeback on Los Angeles’ stylish Abbot Kinney Boulevard.

Nick Fouquet, a hatmaker, recently held a party for his self-named Nick Fouquet store and workshop on 2300 Abbot Kinney Blvd. It's located across Venice Boulevard from the main stomping grounds of the retail district.


Interior of Nick Fouquet store

Fouquet has been making Western style hats, among other chapeaus, out of beaver fur felt . However,the ready-to-wear beaver fur felt hats don't come cheap. The price tag for the Smoke Diver hat with a linen band and Tahitian pearls retails for $1,325. He also makes hats out of straw and leather. A bucket hat made from waxed canvas retails for $220.

On Aug. 29, Fouquet held a party for his Abbot Kinney digs. Joining him were a dolce vita set which counted among its members model Langley Fox, LA Galaxy player Jonathan dos Santos, actor Monet Mazur, and musician JJ Julius Son.