Yarn Movement's SEYG kits
Photo: Yarn Movement

Yarn Movement's SEYG kits Photo: Yarn Movement


Yarn Movement to Host Sip N' Stitch Sessions

Through launching the Yarn Movement Sip N' Stitch virtual sessions, which will begin Dec. 27, founder Shantelle Brumfield—also known as S.LadyBug is promoting a message of "Stitch Everywhere You Go!" Upon registering through Yarn Movement's Eventbrite page at eventbrite.com, attendees will receive an SEYG kit, which includes yarn, a hook, and items personally chosen by S.LadyBug, including a Sip & Stitch pin by Channy Nesmith of Channy Peas Corner and mixers from Charismatic Creations to create tasty cocktails to enjoy while stitching during the session.

"The YM Sip N' Stitch is a curated experience centered around the engagement of adults. As the founder of Yarn Movement, I have curated this event as a guided experience to connect with dope people around the world. Meanwhile, providing a safe space to be creative with meaningful connection," Brumfield said.

In addition to organizing the Yarn Movement Sip N' Stitch, Brumfield has been busy. She is taking a granny-square design that she created 20 years ago for her grandmother and having the pattern screenprinted on face masks, which will be included in the SEYG kits. As the founder of the Believe In What You Dream initiative that teaches young girls in Africa how to crochet and arms them with crucial tools to help them pursue their education, Brumfield is known for her good works. She is now creating beanies for babies in local hospitals.

"What is needed, not only during this time, but in general, when you don’t have the support, if you have something that is handmade it’s special," she explained. "Beanies are important to my process right now."

Through her upcoming Sip N' Stitch event, Brumfield sees an opportunity for promoting festive moments through teaching self-care methods, mixology secrets and conducting virtual raffles. The monthly Sip N' Stitch virtual event begins Dec. 27 at 4 p.m. PST.