CMC Uploaded
Photo: California Market Center

CMC Uploaded Photo: California Market Center


CMC Uploaded to Be Introduced for August Market

During the June run of L.A. Fashion Market, Moriah Robinson, the events director for the Los Angeles–based California Market Center, announced that the CMC would introduce a larger digital presence. It was a reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic and a need to develop sales for the building’s showrooms and also to build bridges to buyers interested in a virtual connection.

For the August run of L.A. Fashion Market, the CMC will be introducing the virtual-event series CMC Uploaded. On this virtual show, Matthew Mathiasen, the CMC’s manager of buyer and community relations, will host live chat sessions featuring showrooms, salespeople and brand representatives. The package also will include features on the CMC’s social media, blogs and e-blasts.

The virtual show will run Aug. 3–5 on Zoom. CMC Uploaded’s participation package offers a one-hour time slot where sales representatives will be able to talk about a product they represent. The program is open to CMC showrooms in addition to businesses that are not located in the building but would like to participate, Mathiasen said.

The deadline to reserve a time slot for the show is July 21. For more information on the program, contact

The CMC plans to be open for the upcoming L.A. Fashion Market, scheduled to run Aug. 2–5. Event organizers noted that individual showrooms would be open at their discretion. The CMC followed a similar arrangement for the June market.