Onzie Celebrates 10 Years of Outfitting Active Women

With a passion for yoga, Kimberly Swarth, founder of the Los Angeles–manufactured active-apparel brand Onzie, has created colorful and uniquely patterned clothing that remains authentic to the culture. The formula has worked well for Swarth as she celebrates her brand’s 10-year anniversary in April.

“Our 10-year anniversary will be celebrated with a lot of gratitude to our customers in the industry—our studio owners and people who supported the brand—and our end consumer,” she said. “We’ll be showcasing special products that revolve around legacy pieces from when we started.”

Reflecting on designs of the past, Swarth loves the products that provide function, such as the elastic sports bra, but her preference is clearly for her artful pieces. Favorites include the Luna legging, which features a hand-sketched celestial design, and the Peacock legging, which boasts artwork in green, resembling the feathers of the bird.

“When you put that on, you feel regal—you can see this animal shaking its feathers—and all of a sudden you rise a little higher yourself,” she explained. “You’re wearing this color that radiates the essence of the peacock.”

Onzie is also updating its fabrications. The brand will release its Sustainable Soul collection, which is made from yarns created from recycled plastic bottles.

“The world is changing and so should we,” Swarth said. “There are a lot of important topics in apparel around wastage and the way we approach manufacturing that are critical to all of our futures.”

As Onzie plans its anniversary celebration, Swarth is grateful for the ability to produce in Los Angeles, thereby creating jobs in the city. For International Women’s Day on March 8, she joined forces with female executives from companies including Peloton and Equinox to honor women in the active and apparel categories.

“There are a lot of companies that produce women’s clothing and are male operated,” she said. “There is a sense of empowerment and authenticity coming from women business owners creating female product as well.”

Available at studios and online at onzie.com, the brand’s retail price points range from $6 for a scrunchie to $84 for a sweater. Swarth emphasized her desire to keep the brand affordable, with most leggings priced under $70 and bra tops under $50.