YJack to Launch in U.S. Offering Affordable T-shirts With a Luxurious Hand


As of Thursday, March 19, 2020

Following last month’s launch in Korea, the YJack brand is preparing to expand into the United States in April. Focusing on fiber and yarns that can be used to create quality product with a soft hand, the brand is bringing to the market men’s and women’s T-shirts manufactured from its proprietary Exfina cotton, an extra-long staple-cotton yarn that YJack developed to avoid wear, shrinkage and moisture.

“It’s one of the most iconic pieces but can always be improved upon,” YJack designer Gina Lin explained. “People are becoming more mindful of the durability of clothing and how something falls apart or stays together over multiple washings.”

Through recognizing the need for T-shirts as products that consumers consistently buy, the YJack team is able to provide pieces that serve as a foundation, but the brand wants to ensure its approach results in an elevated product. Owned by Jack Yang, YJack relies on a team of designers that appreciates the beauty of a well-made T-shirt and knows that this basic wardrobe staple can be created at a luxurious level.

”Luxury brands offer great designs, but typically they are expensive,” Lin explained. “The luxury brands are great quality, and they tend to stand the test of time.”

When investing in a quality tee, consumers want to feel their investments are affording special characteristics. By focusing on the details found in premium T-shirt products, Lin feels the brand can distance itself from fast fashion and reach a level of garment manufacturing that will ensure customers feel they are receiving their money’s worth.

“Luxury brands are more mindful about the finishing as well as the interior finishing, and that is one thing we pride ourselves on. We are finishing the interior and exterior, the way the label is sewn on or printed,” she said. “Every single thing is thoughtfully done—every single placement, button, seam or stitch, and this is something luxury brands do as well.”

As the YJack brand’s stateside launch draws near, there is also consideration regarding the materials used to make its products. Using 100 percent cotton to create the T-shirts, Lin notes that relying on natural fibers is important to YJack.

“In many cases, we try to be somewhat sustainable, in a sense, and aware of the environment and what it’s doing,” she said. “Adding synthetics, polyesters or rayon into a garment, there is a study regarding microplastics going into the ocean and being eaten by the fish.”

Within this first collection, YJack will release five T-shirt styles. Women’s products will include an open scoop-neck, a crew-neck and a modest V-neck shirt. For men, the brand will launch with two crew-neck styles in a classic and relaxed fit. An initial palette includes black, white, beige, heather gray, navy and sky blue for men. Women’s T-shirts will be offered in black, white, rose, dust, heather, oatmeal and a red-orange hue.

“We’re going to be expanding on T-shirts and all various types, whether it’s a classic fit, a relaxed fit or a V-neck with a handkerchief hem or a side slit,” Lin explained. “We’ll be accumulating styles every month to make sure we have a collection of all types of tees for both men and women.”

Available in sizes S–XL, YJack will be sold via yjackusa.com for direct-to-consumer pricing that is set at $24 for women’s pieces and $28 for men’s.