Courtesy of Khaotic Collective

Courtesy of Khaotic Collective

Actor Ethan Cutkosky's Khaotic Collective Drops New Line

Actor Ethan Cutkosky grew up riding skateboards, going to sneaker conventions and wearing streetwear when he was not on the set of shows such as Showtime’s Shameless, where he played the role of Carl Gallagher.

For years, he tossed around ideas of what would look good on streetwear basics such as hoodies and knit caps. In April 2018, he introduced Khaotic Collective. It’s a streetwear label distinguished by a unique perspective, he said.

“The term that I like to use is psychedelic. ‘Psy’ means mind. ‘Del’ means reveal. It’s mind revealing. A lot of the designs are based around those terms,” he said. “We don’t have an objective. We want to show different ideas and concepts and have people create their own narrations and concepts on them.”

On March 27, he’ll introduce the fifth drop of Khaotic Collective on his Instagram profile @KhaoticCollective. The name of the collection is ‘As Above So Below.’ Items include long sleeve tees, hoodies and knit caps bearing the brand’s logo in Old English Letters. The pieces also feature graphics of an all seeing eye. Price points range for the made-in-L.A. brand range from $25 for caps, $40 for tees and $80 for hoodies.